Sunday, April 30, 2006

A la verga!

  Well I have been wanting to go do the Rancho Viejo loop again since Glenn took us all on it at the GITA this past fall. So a couple weeks ago Anthony,Todd, Andy, Aaron, and I all parked at the top of Pacheco Canyon rd. and went off on a sweet ride down Pacheco Canyon rd. till it T's then take a right on 412 and that is where the loop begins we took the Rio En Medio trail down to the Rancho Viejo loop then back to the parking lot at 412 and Pacheco Canyon rd. then it was the climb back up Pacheco Canyon rd. to the vehicles and a cold brew.

This is 412 right by the Pacheco Canyon rd. area at the parking area

beautiful Trail in Santa Fe

Anthony diggin it

Aaron decided not to trials this log

Andy strattlin his bike

You see the bikers?

The waterfall

Andy riding a tech spot

Aaron hiking

Scenic candy

The RIG waits for Anthony to eat some vittles

A lovely Cactus

Andy climbing

Anthony gets his close up

Todd chuggin along

  This ends the first part of the Rio en Medio ride. I hope everyone got out on there bikes today and enjoyed a joining of you with nature. Everything is connected.
  What is in your audio player? I have the new Built To Spill(Going against your Mind) in my player. Ahhh I do like Doug Martsch. K Peace everyone.
  Use less gas.

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riderx said...

Just picked up the new Built To Spill myself and I'm digging it a lot.