Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

   Phewwwwwwww..... Went to ride up in Taos a few weeks past and got dumped on and almost felt hypothermic. Those who hang tuff persevere though and MOST of us survived without pulling the plug. It was freakin wet though. My camera ended up getting all fogged up. I am glad it dried fine.
Brian from Philly getting ready for some South Boundary

Climbing up from Valle Escondido was just dandy even though it was a bit soft. No rain falling yet ......

Ohh myy there are some clouds building

White is the new White

Biking provides time for solitary thought

Man it is getting ominus

Did I mention that it started to get muddy

   Brian is friends with Pete pictured here. They had rode Cochiti the day before Taos and stayed in Petes cabin he has in the Jemez and then met us for some South Boundary. Always fun to ride with these guys.

Pete's bike is of HIGH pedigree

Waiting at a turn I noticed that the weather was changing for the better. I finally started to warm up

2 friends glad to be riding together and also being glad to of made it out of the trail without hypothermia.

Foggy lens makes for discriptive image of the day

Matt and Pete on Nogal

   Heading home after some fish tacos from Guadalajara's I had to stop one more time and look north to Taos and thank it for a fine day despite the early rain.... .ohh yeaa and take a piss

   Ohh man the Firecracker 50 was spectacular. I was hoping to do a sub 6 for the race and pulled a 5:18 despite feeling it on the 2nd lap. Isaac who came up from New Mex pulled a 2nd place for SS this kid is mad fast. Then Jessica rocked top honers in SS Woman. She as well is mad fast. Jessicas guy friend Bill pulled a 5th I think. Ohh yeaa and Joe from Cafe Giuseppe Rocked 3rd in his class.

Isaac on the podium.

Jessica representin. I think her and Bill are rockin the Laramie Enduro today(Saturday the 1st of August). Hope they win it all.

Joe taking the podium

   What is in your audio player? I have some Will Oldham in mine. Fuk yeaa

                  Let us enjoy our day

Saturday, July 11, 2009


   Matt and I ventured out to Cochiti the other day before the Firecracker to get some bigger miles in. Bad weather was threathening the whole ride but only came down briefly.

Taking a break at the camper

While there I topped my water bottles.

The desert

Matt looking at his Garmin, which is useless in finding out where you are usually

Wetness hit us a few times on the ride but turned out to be a great ride. Because with the wet comes beauty

On the way home to Santa Fe the rain got worse.

To continue with the Obama theme . Got this from Here

    What is in your audio player? I am gonna stick with Fanfarlo. I wish I was in the yard with them when they did this track. I would play the banjo. I think that would accompany them well.

               I hope you have a good bye