Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Otero Gazette

    Finally made it down to Albuquerque for a ride in the East Mountains last weekend. I had the pleasure of meeting up with tres locos bandoleros. They showed me a good ol time. I had the wife and kid drop me off at the tunnel trailhead and they went on to visit some family and go for a swim. We ended up logging in a sweet ride bout 20 miles i think. The trails are sooo much fun in Otero. Took a few snapshots along the route.

Ramon enjoying the Tunnel trail

Bryan looks like he is enjoying his loaner SS 29er

Ramon suffered a flat tire on his Turner


Ramon gettin up

Taking a break is nice

Ramon on the roller that bucked me off my bike

Bryan going up the rock then down the rock. Lots of fun stuff like this on the ride.

Then we went down this FUN trail

Bryan taking a good line

   I met up with a tree on the ride and came away all scratched up. Couple days later i felt like i was in a train wreck.

Luckily Ramon had some beer to sooth the pain.

I need to get down to Albuquerque more often. The trails there are really fun.

    What is in your audio player? I have The new The Sea and Cake album Everybody .I am happy that they went back to a more straight forward album this time as opposed to there last album which was more sparce. I also saw that Pinback is gonna be coming out with a new album soon. I think if this track is any indication of the album it is gonna be sweet.
All right everybody. Don't be a hater

Need Stickers?

                  GOOD DAY TO ALL

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ramblings on a Big Friggin Loop

   Well my 3rd attempt at completing a NMES race/ride has failed. This one was a GREAT ride. It pretty much hit upon every trail in the Santa Fe area. 70+ miles and 14,000 ft of elevation gain. The day started well. I got there on time and felt good, met up with Mark and got to 2nd street for the start. I Started with Matt. We were gonna skip the arroyo at the start of the Atalaya climb so we wouldn't get bottled up with the big group since we were on singlespeeds. Before we even got to the trail head Matt had pedeled away from me. I wasn't gonna go at his madman pace. So I settled into the climb up Atalaya. It seemed I got in right in the front half of the pack. The whole ride was great. By the time we made it to the Pacheco Canyon rd I was beat and we had been in the saddle for 12 hours(60 miles in with bout 12,000 ft of gain).The ride from Tesuque to 2nd Street was long as well. The results are here . I will complete one of these things rigid and single. I hope I can complete the next race which is September 8th In Taos. It is called the Double Boundary ride. I lugged the camera along for the ride and got some good pics.
Let the Climbing begin. I believe that is Nate crossing the road.

As I dropped off the backside of Atalaya heading over to the Dale Ball South trail I came across this cool Horny Toad Lizard

After the lizard I came across Makachut and we proceeded to ride together for the rest of the ride. After the DB South we made our way over to DB Central and took that up to Hyde Park rd and took that up to Chameza trail head. There were some people that out of the kindness of there heart had set up a SAG with water protein powder and energy bars. They were lifesavers throughout the day. After the Chameza was the Winsor climb. We took a breather. There we met up with another race/rider Brian.

Maka looking suspect in his racing kit

I think this was after we got onto the Big T trail

Then we got up to Aspen Vista and took a break there while Maka fussed with his hub. I told him this is what happens when you run gears.

Mark practicing his breathing techniques

We had met up with Jim on the backside of Atalaya and had been with him most of the way since.

Me at the towers

This group reeled us in on Aspen Vista

Looking down Sunset

ex gov descending the ski area

After the ski area the ladies who were hooking everyone with water were at the ski area parking lot
We filled the bladders there and continued to the Rio en Medio

Jim having some fun

Here comes Maka

A Lovely creek along the Nambe

Jim pushing for Rio en Medio

This was the last shot I took. It was coming back towards Pacheco Canyon rd. We hadn't bailed on the race yet.

   There ya have it. A epic ride even though I didn't finish. It Was the biggest ride I have done on a rigid SS though.
   What is in your audio player? I have been rocking out to some hard stuff. Kyuss: Muchas Gracias The Best of Kyuss.
    All right everyone get a good nights rest.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence from Corporations

   Happy 4th Everybody! Fuck big business and drink a micro brew. My choice on this fine day is a 2nd Street IPA.

The Fog Rolls In

   As you can see i have been training for The Santa Fe Big Friggin Loop coming up on Saturday the 7th of July.
   I went for a dandy of a ride with JimBeam and Todd. Todd was kind enough to capture some stills from it. We parked at Nuns corner and went up to Chameza and went up to Winsor then up to Pacheco canyon rd. which is the old ski road before there was a hyde park i suppose and is dirt. then we went up to aspen vista and road that up to big T and then descended big t down back to Winsor then up to chameza and then sidewinder out.

Coming up to Pacheco Canyon rd. Todd gets artsy

This is on Aspen Vista rd. this is a super view when the Aspens are changing in the fall

Todd wondering what is going on in there.

This is a nice little meadow on the Big T

Robert and I take a breather

Why I Love it here in Santa Fe

Coming back down the Winsor

A nice place to ponder life

Todd enjoying the trip down to little Tesuque creek

Robert got a flat with less then a mile to go to the cars

We hoisted our heffe weizen to the train.

What would a post be without a Parrot drinking some 2nd Street Pale Ale

   What is in your audio player? After watching American Hardcore I was wanting to get some Teen Idles and thankfully a guy at work hooked me with a copy of Anniversary. SO that is in my player this day.