Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jackrabbits and Prairie Dogs

  The last few weeks I have been biking to work about twice a week. It is 8 miles one way. The sweet part is I can ride all dirt to work. I started riding the IF with a mountain gear on it (34/18) because I had been getting flats every ride to work on the cross check. I thought I would try the fatter tires and it has been working well. No flats and it takes the same amount of time to get there as it did on the geared cross check. Go figure. The last ride I did on the cross check was a nice one I got a few shots of the sunset and a couple from the ride.
   I also have some nice pics from a killer ride we did on the Rio en Medio the other day. Lots of pictures from that. I will have to post a 2 parter. for now here are a few commuter shots.

I think this is Arroyo Hondo

Then I got a couple sweet sunset shots

Ella wanted me to show you all the piece of art work she made the other day

  What is in your audio player? I got Pinback-Blue Screen Life in mine. Been a while since I listened to it. Enjoying it. Autumn and I watched a nice movie the other night. It is Me and You and Everyone We Know. We were digging it. K, RIDE BIKES.


riderx said...

Freakin' sweet sunset pix!

Matt said...

The elusive Arroyo Hondo...passageway to good fortune and avoidance of heinous climbs.

I still have not found this magic corridor, and to this day still grunt back up Atalaya.

veelz said...

Tim, great shots. The cross bike is the best commuter if you get dirt, I keep working on finding an entire dirt commute, so far, 60%.

hamad said...

to one fan of surly to another...nice....