Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Her Out

Krista Park is heading to Europe to represent the good ol USA. Krista is a pro mountain biker who travels around full time racing with her husband Todd. She is really fun to ride with which is unusual when it comes to riding with pro riders. SO contribute a 5er and maybe win some cool stuff and know you are helping out a really deserving person.
Here is the link to enter the raffle CLICK ME
Krista's sponsors and friends have put together a $5 raffle to help her with travel funds for the Marathon World Championship race in Germany as part of the USA team.

* Grand Prize - Stan's No Tubes Wheelset (your choice of rim with ZTR hubs)
* Second Prize - Cycle Ops Fluid 2 Trainer with climbing block, mat, & Real Rides DVD series
* Third Prize - Magura Hydraulic Disk Brake Package
* Fourth Prize - 12-week coaching plan from LW Coaching
* Fifth Prize - Raxter Bike Rack
* Sixth Prize - Jagwire customization kit including Ripcord derailleur cable kit, Hyflow Quick-fit hose system or Ripcord brake cable kit; Non-crimp cable tips and disc brake pads all in the color/compound of the winner's choice.
* Seventh Prize - Chamois Butt'r package including 6 tubes of and 6 jars of Chamois Butt'r and 4 sticks of New Bod'e Arm'r stick lubricant

Additional Prizes include: 2 Incycle team kits, nutrition packages from FRS, 3 canisters of recovery drink from Fluid, 10 pairs of socks from Recovery Socks, jerseys from Cannondale, and two 6-packs of canned oxygen from Oxygen4Energy.

raffle ends August 2nd

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Just back from lacrosse practice
Ohh man, my first real bike. I remember the 20 and 30 mile rides I would do on that bike trying to chase my brother and his friends through the hills of northern Baltimore county.
My first true bike was an Evil Knievel bike which I loved. Particularly the fake gas tank

The Firecracker has come and gonna now and we had a blast in Breckenridge. It was BRECKtacular. Before the Firecracker hapened though there have been some killer rides. I have been not taking the camera as much anymore. I have taken a few pics from the rides though. One ride we did was the Glorieta to Apache canyon ride where we shuttle to the Baptist center and leave a car at El Gauncho to retrieve the car we left at the Baptist center. This time though we had Anthony's son Sky drop us off. : )

THe meadow below the tower is a lovely spot for a snack and to adjust your headset if needed

Enjoying the trails above Canada del los Alamos

Had a sweet ride a few weeks ago with Brian from Mellow Velo to get ready for the cochiti 100 that was happnin soon after. I was shooting for only laps 1 and 3 in cochiti and I succeeded so i was stoked. The full 100 just seems like too much suffering for me. Hats off to the 5 or so people that have finished it.

Brian's Skin is very vibrant

Brett (i think his name is) was along as well.

I have been enjoying the Abita IPA lately. Especially after the climb out of borrego

I will leave you with Crazy Rainbow Guy. I do enjoy a rainbow. We get tons of them here in Santa Fe. We even get frequent double rainbows. I have never reacted quite like this guy though. I appreciate his enthusiasm though. Thanks Eric

I LOVE Animal Collective and this video they did for Guys Eyes really captures the feeling of their music, to me at least.