Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tesuque Time

  Went for a ride up the Winsor the other day as I was saying and it was quite a nice little ride. Short and Sweet.I think it was 10 miles. As a matter of fact I have Jay's Garmin output for the ride. Check it out. I love the Map Player. This is such a nice ride cause you get lots of stream crossings which you don't get much of here. With streams you get green too which is nice. Here a few shots from the ride. Didn't take that many. Where the Winsor trail starts is a sweet area I would love to live in one day. The homes go for big bucks though. It is close to town but feels like you are more out of town.
Here Jay prolly had to fiddle with his derailleur.

Then we got to get going again

Then we took a breather in the shade from this big tree

Then it was on to more nice Winsor riding

This was a fun rock section

Man the Winsor is a nice trail I think this is right where the Chamiza meets the Winsor

Then we climbed up Chamiza to Sidewinder

Then it was on to Sidewinder

Shot of Jays Mary's

The circle of life

LOVE this section of the trail

Here is a fun rock roller

Then it was down to 72A and the car

Popped open one of these the other night and it was quite tasty if I do say so myself

What is in your audio player? I have The Clash- Clash on Broadway rocking on mine.
  As the sun sets on another day I say farewell.


iconoclasst said...

Sweet shots! Do you ever have a bad ride out there?

Titan IPA: just tried it last weekend. I liked it, but after Joe W. mentioned he thought there was a distinct spinachy taste, I had to agree. Still, I'd try it again, and found it refreshing.

Still, I prefer their big beers (e.g, Hercules)--Great Divide is one of my favorite breweries. Old Ruffian is hard to beat!

Tim Wise said...

Any day on a bike is a good day! I must like spinach cause i enjoyed the Titan. I haven't tried there other beers now that you have suggested them i will seek them out.

Tubeular Visions said...

Mary Bar's?looks like an add to join the military
Killer pic's! really
I like the two after the circle of life hippie shot.
Green and tan DH rippers!

riderx said...

Just had the Great Divide Saint Brigid’s Porter last night. Goooood Stuff!

Matt said...

Cirle of Life? We call it Medicine Wheel and you have to ride around it once for good spirits. If the spritis like you, then the rock pyramid on your RHS opens up later in the ride, while still on the ridge. Miss the wheel and you will not see the pyramid.

Have you found it yet?