Monday, November 28, 2005


ahh my favorite time of year


Friday, November 25, 2005

Anatomy of a Bike commute

Hey everybody. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I volunteer'd to work on Thanksgiving because it was double time and it was only a 10-4 shift. I decided it would be a great day to ride my bike to work.The great thing about the hood we live in is there is a trail called the spur trail that connects to the Santa Fe rail trail. So i can ride the 3.4 mile spur trail to the Santa Fe rail trail which runs from the center of Santa fe to a town called Lamy.What that means is i can ride all trail right to my work at whole foods on cerrillos rd in town. I decided to take some shots of my maiden voyage.It is almost 9 miles one way.

This is the beginning of the Spur trail

This is the Sign for the Spur trail.

Here is a shot right where the Spur trail meets the Santa Fe rail trail. One thing i like about the rail trail in Santa Fe is that it actually has ups and downs on it

Random shot

bike parked at work..i know i know it has gears

Some random shots coming home with nice sunset

Almost against the sunset

Home in time for a nice turkey dinner

Monday, November 21, 2005

Good Beer Good Rides

I have been enjoying tasting lots of new local and not so local beers since we moved to the southwest.I would have to say that one of my favorites is Stone brewery out of San Diego. We didn't get Stone back east. I got this IPA the other night after work and enjoyed it from start to finish

We had a great ride on Saturday.I picked up Jay and we met Robert and Anthony and a friend of Roberts named Andy from Albuquerque.We parked down the road from the chamisa parking lot at a trail head that meets up with Sidewinder. We left from the cars and pedaled up Hyde Park Rd. to the chamisa trail. Chamisa to Winsor to Borrego to bear wallow to winsor to chamisa to sidewinder to burn trail and back to car.It was a GREAT ride. I know i keep saying this about the trails out here but it is just incredible riding out here.What is also crazy is i have just hit the tip of the iceberg.There is just so much more to ride.Of course i took my camera and didn't take it on the ride.I did take some pics at the car... hehehee. Jay took a couple shots. No action shots though. Andy took a few shots i don't know if any of his came out.Here are a couple from the car and one Jay took on the Winsor.

Everyone here is saying that the trails up high should be unridable by now. I guess that makes me happy but i wouldn't mind riding my snowboard soon though.Here is a picture of Robert riding Los Alamos a few weeks ago picture by Anthony

It is Thanksgiving this week. This will be our first here in Santa Fe. I hope everyone gives proper thanks.Maybe we could all give thanks to our forefathers for taking this land from the Indians. I guess none of us really own the earth. We like to think we do though.We raped the Indians then we proceeded to rape the land we took from them.Have you seen this walk way that is gonna be at the grand canyon?Is anybody out there thinking about doing the 24 hours of old pueblo? I would love to do a SingleSpeed team.
I saw this today. Man that is a lot.Peace HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

33 degrees in the shade

Hey there everybody! It has been a good week here in NewMex.Monday i picked up Jay and we rode Chamisa down to sidewinder to burn to winsor back to chamisa. Man what a ride. Of course i didn't take the camera but believe me when i say the sidewinder trail is incredible. Great trail with sweet views to boot. I am hoping to get up there again before it gets snowed in. If i do i promise to take some shots. I met up with Robert today at 3:30 at the Cristo Rey church and we set out to ride some Dale Ball action. We got up to the trailhead and his Shimano hydraulics where hardly braking at all.So off i went on my own. I had my camera with me so i took a few shots and then of course within the first couple miles the batteries died. ohh well its all good.I finally am getting 40 hours a week at work which is good and bad at the same time.I hope everyone is getting out and doing what they love as much as possible.i think we are gonna hit this next year.
this is driving to the trail today...

this is preride shot

Robert coming down hill and saying he is bailing on the ride cause of brake problems

some random shots from the camera before the batteries died

The shadow knows


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fall is in full swing

Hey there.Another week has passed here in Santa Fe.Today is Tuesday and we dropped my parents off at the Albuquerque airport this afternoon.Luckily we got back in time for me to go ride Dale Ball with Jay.
Before we dropped off my parents we dropped in the Frontier for lunch.It was a perfect ending to a visit to the Southwest.They came and visited us for a week from Baltimore Maryland.I didn't get to ride my bike for a whole week.Man that was TUFF :( We actually had a really good time.So here are a few shots from the touristy type stuff we did.
you must always start a journey with a cup of Joe.This pic is from the Downtown Subscription

We then headed up Canyon Road there are TONS of gallery's up this road it is insane.
This one makes me want to take a bath

Then we headed up to show them Taos.We hit the Sanctuary de Chamayo.According to legend the dirt from this hole in the church has healing powers and no matter how many visitors take dirt, the hole never gets any deeper.

So we rubbed some dirt on our bodies and continued on up to Taos.Where we finally got to go see Taos Pueblo It is a really cool place to check out.

This stream behind Ella is there only source of water.

then we rounded out the day with dinner at Joseph's Table

Also during there visit we made it to Bandelier National Monument

Stairway to Heaven

and as the sun sets here i bid you all good day or night.

Give Thanks
This looks like a nice Climb.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Los Alamos ride!

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween.The Thursday before Halloween Anthony and I went up to Los Alamos to meet Robert and Scott so that they could show us the goods before the snow covers it.The trails we rode where some of the most fun trails I have EVER hit. It was Anthony's birthday to boot.we met them at Sullivan Field parking lot and where pedaling by 12:30.We rode for about 3 hours and it was a non stop cavalcade of funness.Here are some pics that Anthony and I took with his camera.
First picture is of Robert

all right all right just a couple more....

This is of Anthony the birthday boy

ohhh yeaa some more...

you are almost at the end...

Most of the above pictures where taken by Anthony .A couple of them where taken by me.
on Sunday before I went to work Autumn and Ella and I went out on the neighborhood paved trail and Autumn rode with Ella for the first time attached to her bike.

and one final picture of Ella at her School on Halloween day.She is the one with the Care Bear costume.

K everybody have a good day out there.Don't forget to always draft the Praying Mantis