Friday, April 25, 2008

2 Legit 2 Shift in Gallup

DAWN .........

   Well Dawn til Dusk has come and gone. There were some last minute casting changes. Anthony came down with a bad bug the week before and had to bail. I thought I was gonna bail too then Ben from my work stepped up and volunteered to race in Anthony's steed. I ended up driving down with CottonKennedy who was gonna go and make a solo attempt. So we caravan'd down to gallup with Ben. To get the trip started right we met at Santa Fe Brewery's tasting room to fill some growlers and drink a pint before embarking on our journey. We finally got on the road later then we should of and it was snowing pretty good here in Santa Fe. The drive was uneventful as I fell asleep as Brian drove which wasn't what a good navigator does. OOops. We got into town and found a GHETTO grocery store to buy some provisions. IT was a Lowes grocery store and had to be one of the most horrendous grocery stores I have ever been in. Ben and I proceeded to check into our hotel which was rather Ghetto as well.Brian was camping out so he split to go set up camp and go to sleep as well.Ben and I decided to go get something to eat.

    We decided on going to this place. I would suggest you keep driving when you see this sign.

    So feeling like crap after eating some dinner we went back to the Days Inn for some sleep. We watched some of the Spiderman movie which I was enjoying till we dozed off into a restless slumber. We awoke the next morning not really wanting to get up and get ready. I stalled untill the last minute. Finally got up and out the door and made it to the race and proceeded to not be able to find the crew of people that we were setting up shop for the day with. After some tense searching we found them and got dressed and Ben was gonna do the first lap so he made his way to the start to find no one because we were 5 minutes late for the game. Ohh well, It was about 20 degrees at the start and the temps climbed slowely through out the day. We camped out with Frankie Flats and Death Ray who were doing a duo team in the masters division. They ended up with a 3rd place finish.Also we were camping with CottonKennedy and he rocked it solo pulling in 6 laps. We also camped with a nice couple with a new son They were also from Santa Fe. I think there names were Tim, Kai, and Dax was there sons name. The rest of the race went well. We ended up with just 9 laps and had a ball. I hope that they have a SS duo class next year. I think there would be plenty of entrants for it. I didn't get many shots at all but I did sneak off a few.

Ben getting ready before the sun hit our camp.

The RIG waiting for some action

Brian after a couple in a row comes in for a snack and change

Frank was riding an old Fat Chance SS

I guess Frank is a fan of GW

This was Tim Kai's, and Dax's casita that they had just bought. IT was really cool inside.

Ben coming in from his last lap. Had I known he would pull a good lap time I could of gone out and gotten back in before 7 and we would of had 10 laps. :(

If you notice this Big Wheel Racer got a little off track. I thought she was gonna wreck into those rocks in front of her but she pulled it off.

Here is another BWR it seemed like every other racer I saw on the trail was a BWR. Soon all of New Mexico will be on BWR.

You have to love streamers

I saw this guy coming in and thought it was DeathRay cause he had a Bike-n-Sport jersey on but alas it was not him

and then.....

I saw Nate at the race shooting pictures og his fellow BWR peoples. He did the race solo. He has a nice digital SLR.

When I got back to camp Ben was all ready to start consuming some malted beverage.

Some people camping next to us had New York plates on there car. That is a long drive.

Ray comes strutting back into camp

   So we packed up Bens car and rolled home. Stopping on the way back at the El Rancho for the free lasagna dinner put on by the fine folks who put on the race.

......till Dusk

   When we got to the El Rancho I saw these purdy Black sheep bikes

    All in all it was a great time. prolly do it next year again.

   What is in your audio player? I have the new Portishead in mine. It has been like 6 years since they put out an album. It is a lot diferent from there last 2 studio albums. I dig it. It is growing on me every listen.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cochiti Love

   Sitting here watching Into The Wild.
   Just got back from Gallup, New Mexico for the Dawn till Dusk race. More on that later.
   Cochiti is one of the most beautful places I have been to. It is just real natural and peaceful. The trails kick ass as well. In preperation for the race I thought some rides there were in order. The higher up stuff there is still snowed in. Brian and I met Anthony and DeathRay out at the apple orchard and went for a lovely ride up medio dia then to the saddle where we tried venture up to the beaver pond but were rebuffed before long with heavy snow on the trail. We went back down to the saddle and decided to take Horn Mesa which is an out and back of about 4 miles. We got some great shots from the ride. I had my camera and Anthony had his as well. I also went back out there the next weekend with Brian and we did Bland canyon up to the saddle and descended medio dia so there will be a couple pictures from that ride as well.

climbing up

through the many pretty streams

cotton Kennedy climbin

After the saddle we tried to climb up to beaver ponds and we started to hit snow like this. So we turned around and decided to do the out and back along Horn Mesa.

this angle is nice

This angle is nice as well.

Ray was rocking a SS this day.

enjoying a break with some friends

   Anthony enjoying some sandy berm action
   A few pics from a ride with Brian a week later when we took Bland up this time

the road up Bland Canyon is very scenic.

Sandias chillin in the backround

   I have been digging my new grips. Grab yourself some ESI grips and you won't be disappointed.
    Ben at work sent me a pic of this bike the other day. I don't think you could even get 2 fingers on there.

    I wonder if the Outlaw and his merry band of off road fixter hipsters rock their bars like those.
    What is in your audio player? I have the new Gnarls Barkley in mine. I have been digging on it. It has an old soulful feel to it mixed in with a really new electronic feel. love it when peeps mix things up.
   I hope everyone is enjoying there spring.
                  Jema jai yong