Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dale Ball South

Finally took the camera to the Dale Ball South trail on Monday.Got some shots. Once again i was SSolo so they are action-less. This trail is realllllleeeeeyyyy fun. So close to town and really not that crowded on a weekday.
I am off work today and heading over to Los Alamos to ride some trails there with some locals.Anthony is giving me a ride since my car sucks.
this first picture is as soon as you get onto the trail head down Upper Canyon south of Cerro Gordo.The first part of this trail has a good bit of climbing.

This picture shows some of the climbing and the lovely waterbars you have to contend with on the way up.

on this picture i am looking back at a nice switchback climb.Dale Ball trails have lots of switchbacks

This one is showing the nice payback you get after the climbing.Nice flowing ridge stuff

Have to get a dead tree shot

Some more ridge goodness

and still some more ridge stuff

What makes the Dale Ball South trails more fun is it is steeper and has more tech stuff.

After hitting the south side it dumps you out on Upper Canyon above Cerro Gordo.Then you go and enjoy the other parts of the Dale Ball trails.

K everyone, have a Kind day.Don't let the Man get you down.

Monday, October 24, 2005


This top picture is from the Go Cart race after the biking portion of the SSWC. It is of Gary Fisher waving to a fellow competitor on the track. photo:Dom
We went up to Taos on Saturday to check out the Taos Balloon Festival We took the High Road up to Taos which was a killer drive but took longer then just taking 68 would of been.Def worth it though.We had a great time in Taos.Ella wasn't cooperating too much. She had a cold and was crabby.I had wanted to check out the Ernest Blumenschein museum of course we where too late to get in.I can't wait to get back there and check that out and also take my bike and ride the south boundary trail.
Sunday I was supposed to meet Robert for a ride up on the Chamisa and hit the burn trail which I hadn't ridden yet.I was leaving the house round 8 and my damn car broke down....AGAIN!It was the same problem I have been having with it. It needs a new Impulse sender.I had been putting it off....So I crawled back to the house and switched cars and went and rode the Dale Ball trails before work.Great ride none the less.K everyone have a KIND day. first picture is of the Taos Pueblo,2nd picture is of the Ernest Blumenschein house,the 3rd is of some balloons at the balloon glow. The 4th is of a nice little shop we visited

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the 'Alternative Capital of Australia'

My buddy Bill is in Australia for a month.He said he was going to go hang out in Nimbin for a couple days.I don't know about you all but that looks like the type of town I could live in.

2005 Volkswagen Iron Cross race

My buddy Dom Emailed me about the Iron Cross race he raced in last week.He was the only fixed rider in it.Good going Dom! You can read about the race here .

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Are 29ers the way?

I bought a Gary Fisher RIG this past April.When the Outlaw called me and said a shop around his hood(Satansville,Hellthorpe)had a RIG on sale I had to go for it.I went and bought it and the rest is history.My Indy Fab has sat more and more.The RIG gets the nod more often then not.I guess I am digging 29 inch in the woods.I do still love the IF for all its rigid lightness.In general though I would say if I could choose I would go with a 29 inch Independent Fabrications with a EBB.Did our forefathers make a mistake when they made the first real mountain bikes with 26 inch wheels?
I had my first day working at Whole Foods here in Santa Fe.I guess it was all right.Good to get back to work sort of.....Here is a shot of the RIG the day I brought her home.

These 2 shots are from the schhweet ride on day 3 of GITA first one is of a guy named Craig from Socorro riding a RIG as well and the 2nd one is of Scott from Los Alamos. I cant remember what he was riding,It was a double boinger though.

K good night. I have to go down to Albuquerque for a fucking root canal tomorrow.Isn't that great?

Monday, October 17, 2005

Fall is Nice!

Went for a ride with the Family on the neighborhood paved trail Sunday. We rode about 5 miles. The picture above is from the ride and so are the 2 below.It is great being able to get out from the house on a ride with no cars involved.After the family ride i met up with Robert at The Cristo Rey Church(largest adobe structure in the united states)on Canyon and we pedeled up upper canyon to the Dale Ball south trails, then on to the central and north sections as well.I had not ridden on the Dale Ball south trails yet. They where a blast! I took the camera but the batteries where dead.So no pics. Next time i will. This section of trails is without a doubt the tuffest stuff in the whole Dale Ball trail network.With some great views to boot.K see ya!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IPA and candy corn

Thought i would pop open one of these bad boys i got the other day.I haven't been to thrilled with the Rio Grand beers so far that i have try'd but i thought i would give this one a try just cause it is a IPA and i LOVE IPA.

Since one of my favorite holidays is coming up(Halloween)i had to buy this when i saw it.
Gonna go for a ride tomorrow. Heading up to do the Chamisa/Winsor/Borrego loop. I Will take a few shots this time hopefully some action ones too.Maybe i should take a candy corn soda for mid ride.K RideBikes

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Old Man Gloom

Old Man Gloom
I am telling you it has been down right cloudy and rainy here for a few days straight now.I guess that is a good thing.Water is a big deal here.It seems that Developers keep building new subdivisions and the Aquifer is getting lower.This town seems so liberal you would think the politicians would not let the developers just keep building.I guess politicians are the same here as they were in Baltimore; all about the money.
Last ride I went on was with Anthony, a fellow SingleSpeeder who moved here a few months ago from Sedona.We rode Dale Ball Friday. It seems to be the trail I have ridden the most because of its proximity to town and flowing trails perfect for the SS.

Also looked at my last Rocky Ridge(sweet trail in southern PA) ride photos today and thought these couple shots would be good to post.

Rocky Ridge Photos:Todd Gray
Have a Kind Day!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Hey there! Seems that the cold weather has decided to pay us a visit here.Lots of rain here last night as well.Was suppossed to ride this morning with a fellow S.F.S.S. (Santa Fe Single Speeder).We called it off cause of the rain last night and the windy conditions this morning.Fiquired we could just hit it tomorrow morning.the Forcast
for tomorrow looks much more enjoyable and it will give the trail time to firm up if need be.We just bought a 3rd wheel cycle to hook on to my Surly crosscheck.It is great cause Ella is really liking it so we can go out for long rides together all 3 of us. Great Fun!I will put a pic of us on it later on .K Everyone have a Kind day. Tim...
this is a picture of Ella at the Potluck Picnic for her Montessori school it was a really good time. I usually don't enjoy things like that.

This picture was taken by Scott AKA sportsman on the last day of GITA. What a ride that was .. mmore later

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well we where up on the mountain today and we took a couple shots of the aspens. Thought I would throw a couple of em up here. k g'nite.

Found this old picture ....

Hey there ,Well today i believe Mike and Amelia are getting married ,they are 2 friends from Maryland that live in the country in Whitehall.I wish i could of made it back there for the wedding but the money just isn't there.I rode with a group of people on Friday at Dale Ball trails for the begining of Gaspin' in the Aspens. It was a real good time. finally got to ride with some fellow mountain bikers and quite a few singlespeeders to boot.So this picture that i am posting i found i hadn't seen in for ever.It is The Outlaw and Jay.This was the first time i had been to Gambril.Which is a great place to ride in MD.It was also the first time i met Jay.The picture just made me think of the Greenery of the East Coast.Peace to all my brothers and sisters on the east coast .We are off to a Pot Luck picnic for Ellas school today up at Hyde Memorial State Park . Hoping to ride on sunday with the Gaspin group they are doing the rancho Viejo loop up at the top of Borrego trail .Pretty tuff ride i think .K Give Thanks today .Peace