Sunday, April 30, 2006

A la verga!

  Well I have been wanting to go do the Rancho Viejo loop again since Glenn took us all on it at the GITA this past fall. So a couple weeks ago Anthony,Todd, Andy, Aaron, and I all parked at the top of Pacheco Canyon rd. and went off on a sweet ride down Pacheco Canyon rd. till it T's then take a right on 412 and that is where the loop begins we took the Rio En Medio trail down to the Rancho Viejo loop then back to the parking lot at 412 and Pacheco Canyon rd. then it was the climb back up Pacheco Canyon rd. to the vehicles and a cold brew.

This is 412 right by the Pacheco Canyon rd. area at the parking area

beautiful Trail in Santa Fe

Anthony diggin it

Aaron decided not to trials this log

Andy strattlin his bike

You see the bikers?

The waterfall

Andy riding a tech spot

Aaron hiking

Scenic candy

The RIG waits for Anthony to eat some vittles

A lovely Cactus

Andy climbing

Anthony gets his close up

Todd chuggin along

  This ends the first part of the Rio en Medio ride. I hope everyone got out on there bikes today and enjoyed a joining of you with nature. Everything is connected.
  What is in your audio player? I have the new Built To Spill(Going against your Mind) in my player. Ahhh I do like Doug Martsch. K Peace everyone.
  Use less gas.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jackrabbits and Prairie Dogs

  The last few weeks I have been biking to work about twice a week. It is 8 miles one way. The sweet part is I can ride all dirt to work. I started riding the IF with a mountain gear on it (34/18) because I had been getting flats every ride to work on the cross check. I thought I would try the fatter tires and it has been working well. No flats and it takes the same amount of time to get there as it did on the geared cross check. Go figure. The last ride I did on the cross check was a nice one I got a few shots of the sunset and a couple from the ride.
   I also have some nice pics from a killer ride we did on the Rio en Medio the other day. Lots of pictures from that. I will have to post a 2 parter. for now here are a few commuter shots.

I think this is Arroyo Hondo

Then I got a couple sweet sunset shots

Ella wanted me to show you all the piece of art work she made the other day

  What is in your audio player? I got Pinback-Blue Screen Life in mine. Been a while since I listened to it. Enjoying it. Autumn and I watched a nice movie the other night. It is Me and You and Everyone We Know. We were digging it. K, RIDE BIKES.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tesuque Time

  Went for a ride up the Winsor the other day as I was saying and it was quite a nice little ride. Short and Sweet.I think it was 10 miles. As a matter of fact I have Jay's Garmin output for the ride. Check it out. I love the Map Player. This is such a nice ride cause you get lots of stream crossings which you don't get much of here. With streams you get green too which is nice. Here a few shots from the ride. Didn't take that many. Where the Winsor trail starts is a sweet area I would love to live in one day. The homes go for big bucks though. It is close to town but feels like you are more out of town.
Here Jay prolly had to fiddle with his derailleur.

Then we got to get going again

Then we took a breather in the shade from this big tree

Then it was on to more nice Winsor riding

This was a fun rock section

Man the Winsor is a nice trail I think this is right where the Chamiza meets the Winsor

Then we climbed up Chamiza to Sidewinder

Then it was on to Sidewinder

Shot of Jays Mary's

The circle of life

LOVE this section of the trail

Here is a fun rock roller

Then it was down to 72A and the car

Popped open one of these the other night and it was quite tasty if I do say so myself

What is in your audio player? I have The Clash- Clash on Broadway rocking on mine.
  As the sun sets on another day I say farewell.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cedro for President

  Today was a good day. Parked on 72A and went up from the bottom of Winsor up to Chamisa then up to the saddle and took Sidewinder to burn then back down to Winsor. Very nice weather today. Ride was like a little slice of heaven.
  I Watched a cool movie the other night called Genghis Blues . A blind Cape Verdean-American blues singer hears some strange music on a shortwave radio, and tracks it down as Tuvan throatsinging. It sounds like a whistle and a groan at the same time, and most people can't believe it comes from one human mouth.
   I got some good shots from today's ride but I still have some Cedro pics to post up so here they are.
Hay what is that?

This was a fun section, Even the double track was fun at Cedro

Here our host rounds the corner and eyes it up

Here JimBeam comes through a scenic section

coming down the same nice big rock gardens

Enjoying the arroyo

JimBeam and AndyN choose the right line

Rocky rocky rocky

  I see the SingleSpeed Outlaw had his 3rd SSPBE up in Frederick his new home base. It looked like a good time. I wonder if anyone here in Northern New Mexico will put together one of these.
  What is in your audio player? I got Fugazi: End Hits in mine. K adios to all.