Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Peakin' on Cedro

  WOW! Cedro is a blast. I can't wait to do a big day of riding down there with Otero and Cedro all wrapped up in one.
  I met Anthony down the road and we went and picked up Jim Beam. Then we drove down 14 to Tijeras. There we met up with a friend of Jimmy. He knows the trails well so he knew the choice routes. The trails are used a lot by moto's so some of the trails are buff and burmed so it is like being on a roller coaster you just let go and enjoy the ride. Also the trail gets pretty tech with some big rock and loose rock type stuff. All in all a good day was had by all.
  After the ride on our way out of town we stopped by The Lazy Lizard for some micros( my preferred method of refueling)and 2 jalapeno poppers. Here are some pics.

JimBeam descending on a fun section

JimBeam having some fun

Anthony kickin' it even though I cut off his head!

Meeting up with some other bikers, our host refers to there map

riding the big wheels

Our host showin us how it is done

A little rest

I better break this post up into 2 parts. too many good shots for one post.
I came across a website from Baltimore city where we moved from 6 months ago. It documents each murder that happens in the city. It is crazy how murders happen and the news doesn't seem to think that it matters because it wasn't a pretty girl with blond hair or someone with $$. It is called Murderland. Check it out sometime. Isn't the news supposed to report this type of stuff?
What is in your audio player? I have Grateful Dead
Rockin' the Rhein
in mine.


riderx said...

Keep the pictures comming.

You'll like this link, Baltimore Crime, All Crime All The Time. Makes ya homesick, eh? ;)

Yuri said...

love the last shot.
as for music, roots manuva is the latest addition.

Matt said...

Awesome fotos. Drop me a line sometime you want to do the Otedro-Cedtero loop. A lot of tribal knolwedge involved for the great SS route.