Monday, June 06, 2011

The Future Is Stupid

Let's start this off with some bangin' fish tacos

followed by a dbl IPA

   Taos is GREAT. We parked at Mondragon and pedalled down the road to valle Escondido and then did the normal South Boundary ride but then took Mondragon back to the car which ended up making it a 33 mile day. Mondragon is sweet though. Can't wait to go hit it again soon.


Up by Garcia park

This was taken on the lovely Mondragon trail that I can't wait to hit again.

man in motion

Enjoyed a beer on the other side of the river

   A while before the Taos ride I hit up Rancho Viejo with Preston, Mark, and the 2 Brians from work and Anthony. We all started together and then separated at rio en medio where Preston Mark and Brian went down that and Anthony and I continued onward to Rancho Viejo. We then met back up with them right at the perfect time to take the cutover back to pacheco canyon road.
Mark and BM climbing up borrego from Aspen Ranch

It's steep in Santa Fe. Tis particular trail is prolly all burned out from the Pacheco Fire. : (

Brian enjoying the cutover back to Pacheco

   Before any of these rides was a after work ride with Raney and we went up to the top of Pacheco via Borrego/Winsor. It was my first ride of the season getting up that high.

" Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet "
- Bob Marley

Been diggin back into my SY collection lately