Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lake Peak,Santa Fe

The Cinelli XCR is stainless steel. ohh myy.

Loving these new American Classic wheels
Was a crazy week leading up to interbike. Got to see some sweet stuff BTI was taking to the show. Like this Art Bike

Some Commencal Love

Some Grass fed New Mexican lamb love

   Had a killer ride the other day with Robert and Anthony up towards lake Peak then drop down onto Ravens Ridge.
We met at Nun's Corner in the morning and climbed up Hyde Park to Chamiza trail head and climbedup and then descended to the Winsor. Climbed the Winsor to Pacheco Canyon rd and took that back up to Hyde Park rd. we then took the pavement up to Aspen Vista. CLimbed Aspen Vista to the towers and then climbed/hiked up to lake peak. Then descended Ravens ridge to the Winsor then took the Winsor back down to CHamiza and took it to Sidewinder and ripped that back out to the car.
Anthony climbing up through the meadow above Borrego on the Winsor

Robert has seen the LIGHT. Coming up to Pacheco Canyon rd

Anthony and I took a break while Robert continued on.

Then we climbed some more

Anthony hitting 12,000

As Robert hit 12,000 someone was tailing him

Ohhh myyyyyy it is Markus

The last part is a push but it is well worth it.

Looking down on to Nambe Lake

A closer look at Nambe Lake

Anthony feeling at home on his 69er

Playing along the wilderness line

Someday I will not see that sign

The NordicSki trails are really nice.

Mark is feeling his new Niner

   What is in your audio player? I have Suicidal Tendencies: Two Sided Politics in mine, courtesy of Pandora on my touch.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forgotten Rides

   If you find yourself in San Fran hit up some Blue Bottle Coffee.They do it for the LOVE and you can tell.

   There are rides that happen and then are forgotten. well at least in a pixel sense. The last time I hit South Boundary was one such ride. I forgot all about the pictures I snapped till I was looking through the pictures folder. It was a great day up there. Mark and I drove the 240 up to Taos to meet Dominic and Matt at The Bean. Got myself a Cubano and I was ready to roll. We drove the vehicles up to Valle Escondido and parked and road up to Quintana Pass. Last time I rode this I went with Bill and Jessica and we met Greg up there. We left cars there at the Valle again but Jessica and I dropped off at Garcia park and descended a blaster back to the cars. This time I got to ride the bottom part of the South Boundary and loved every minute of it. Also this time we didn't lose our way because we weren't with Greg de Taos to get us lost. ;) With a name like that you would think he would know the trails.

The climb up from Valle Escondido is a good stretch.

Dom making some sort of gesture to me

Dom and Matt climbing

A nice break at Quintana pass

Mark and I came into this lovely patch of wild strawberries. They were tasty as a muv.

Matt all a blur. This was the last time I would see him and Dom as they decided to blast the rest of the way down.

It started to rain a little bit and the clouds were building as we descended to Taos.
IT was a great ride. We ripped it pretty quick. Then afterwards we stopped by Quadalajara grill for some dank mexi.

I love this place. Can't wait to get back there.

Then Mark and I stopped along the Rio Grande to give thanks to the Bountiful Trails that we have here.

Anthony took these pictures on the Winsor the other day, and I decidedd to Photochop them.

    What is in your audio player? I have Six Parts Seven album Casually Smashed To Pieces in mine.

            Sicaru che├║