Thursday, September 29, 2005

24 hours of RAIN

Hey there ,Last night and all day today it has rained here in Santa Fe.We hear that is unusual.We where fiquiring that we must of brought it with us from rainy Baltimore.I have been looking at pic from the trade show, sooo many sweet looking bikes and such there. i did like this King Cage
I also got Mary bars from my friend Bill Trossen. He sent them to me for a house warming gift....What a bro.I put them on the IF for now ,might end up putting them on the RIG though.K i am going to the fridge and getting a Stone IPA.Peace,Tim

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Day in paradise!

Santa Fe is so different from Baltimore .We have been loving it here. We bought a home in Rancho Viejo .We have been here for a few weeks now and our house is still getting worked on all the time.There are workers in the house and outside the house all the time.We can't wait till everything is done .The trails here are very different then the ones I had back in Bawlmer.Both types are funass but I am definitely enjoying the killer trails out here .They are so fast .I am also enjoying being jobless. I am hoping on a job at Whole Foods here in Santa Fe.This weekend coming up here there is a mountain bike thing called Gaspin'in the Aspens .That should be a good time.K everybody enjoy there day.Have a Dank Beer!Peace,Tim
The picture is from The Santa Fe Fiesta The guy was eying me up for taking his pic,HeeHee.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This is Tim,Autumn,and Ella at our friends Brian and Peggy's wedding .

Hey there .Me and the rest of the Wise crew moved out here to Santa Fe a few weeks ago from Baltimore MD. I Love to ride bikes on the trail and on the road.I would definatly say i am a Mountain biker first though .Today i rode a loop that was the first loop i did when i got here.It is a loop that starts at the Chamisa trail head and goes down to the Winsor trail .then meets up with the Borrego trail which takes you back to Hyde Park road and you bomb back down to the car.Here are a few pics from the ride.I hope everyone enjoyed at least a bit of there day today.PEACE,Tim