Monday, September 18, 2006

All That and Then Some

   Greetings. I went on my first ride up in Taos the other day. For my first ride I decided to do Matt's Double Boundary Ride. We were to meet at the Bean at 6:30 in the AM ready to go. It had sounded like there was gonna be a few SingleSpeeders there, as it turned out it was only Scott Sportsman and me. The rest had full squishy cheater bikes. They all knew how to ride em quite well. Matt was the guy putting on the whole shindig. He has created a whole series of long distance type ride/races in New Mexico I hope to do more of them. Matt likes to go real hard though. His wife(or girlfriend) Jenny did a B ride that was shorter. It would be good to have a B ride for the long distance ride as well in the future too(for slackers such as myself). All in all it was a GREAT day. The best ride I have had since I arrived here in New Mexico. I didn't really know where we were going but the general jest is we rode the Capulin Trail to Devisidero Trail then on to Bull Spring Meadow up to Palo Flechado Pass(and the food cache) to the Elliot Barker trail then to Osha Mountain to The South Boundary Trail.I missed a section called Jaracita trail cause I am a wimp. It was a good group. Mostly hammers. I didn't get too many good shots but I got a few here are some. Ohh yeaa we finished the ride at Eskes a brewpub in Taos that was pretty good. Definitely not 2nd Street level but good enuff. They had a burrito called a Fatty there that I had. It was tasty especially after I had a Phatty.
Everyone preparing for the ride at The Bean.

After a little road ride up 64 we got onto dirt. Here we go

The fog driving to Taos in the morning was crazy thick and it was thick for the beginning of our ride as well

Scott the other SingleSpeeder on his Gunnar taking a shot of our past

First regroup. I have a lot of break shots cause I was just trying to keep in contact with the group.

This ride produced many Grins

The fog hangs tuff while I look for pink ribbons

Riders in the FOG

Another break in the fog but the fog isn't breaking.... Yet

Marching on... This section of trail had lots of fresh Bear Shit on the trail. Made me nervous

The fog finally lifting

Scott doesn't even take the time to get off his bike....

Coming through a fun downhill section

Scott taking a seat after a fall

Nate checking out the roadies on the enchanted Circle century

Nate took a power nap while we(Nate Richard and I) waited for most of the group who took a extra section of trail.Nates power nap truly did wonders cause he stepped it up a notch after that.

Climbing up Elliot Barker.

More climbing on Elliot Barker

I think this is the only shot of the front of Matt I got.

I believe it is Dave, Jens and Matt taking off once again.

This would be the last time I would see these guys till Eske's

This is where we went astray we ended up missing a turn and descending into this canyon after reaching osha peak it morally knocked me down.

Richard and Scott try to get us back to Taos

Scott enjoying the end of the South Boundary trail.

I kept seeing Taos below but it didn't seem to get any closer.

   The Longest mountain bike ride I have done non stop at one time. About 65 miles and 12,000 ft of climbing.( I think)
   What is in your audio player? I have the new Sonic Youth- Rather Ripped in mine. VERY NICE.
    I will leave this post with another tasty sunset


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The DarkSSide of Dale Ball

    You have to love the South side of Dale Ball trails. It is where there is some scarier type of riding. Ledges, loose rock descent,steep climbs and steep descents. Todd and I met at St. Johns and peddled up to wilderness gate and went in to Dorothy Stewart trail and went to Dale Ball South trails from there. I must say the climb up from Dorothy Stewart trail to Picacho is almost worst then taking Atalaya to Dale Ball. Todd wasn't feeling the Dale Ball South on this day but still had a sweet ride. We were both gearing up for big rides up in Taos that we both did this past weekend. I did the big ol Double Boundary Ride put on by Matt and Todd did the Enchanted Circle Century the same day. We both had a blast. A writeup from my Double Boundary ride will be soon.
     Here are a few pictures from the ride I went on with Todd

Dale Ball ROCKS

Todd just riding along

I have to learn to stop smiling all the time

Todd cleaned his chain too much and it broke. It was a nice time for a break anyway

Everything is sooooo Green these days

Todd with a fixed chain

I figured I would take a rest here. Todd agreed as well. Santa Fe has many spots made for resting

A hiker came up on us resting. Everyone in Santa Fe that hikes seems to use hiking poles

Todd coming out of DBS and I think he was ready for this ride to end.

I rode my geared cyclocross bike out on a ride on the trails the other day. It was my first geared ride on dirt since I have been here.

     what is in your audio player? I have the new Thom Yorke album in mine. Courtesy of my bro IN San Fran. I am liking it.
     I will leave you with another fine sunset from the front door. Come back and see us again real soon.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Atalaya Freedom

    Summer is winding down
   You can feel the autumnal equinox coming. We moved here 1 year ago this week. I must say I remember loving Fall here last year. I think we are going to go to the burning of Zozobra this week. I need to release some gloom myself. I released most of it though up on Atalaya with Jay last week.Here is the GPS tracks on it. Here are a few pics from it.
This is when the climbing is just beginning. Occasionally you come around a corner and spy your prize.

Looking back towards St. Johns from whence we came

Jay coming up to a fork in the road. You can assume what route we took.

The section of trail after the fork is a really nice ridge with SSweet views.

I love scenic vistas

When the going gets tough . The tough get walking. I think that is how it goes.


Jay went off to be by himself. You can see him if you look hard.

There are all kinds of colorful blooms happening right now cause of all the rain I assume

This is a rock view looking out by the trail that should descend down to the Arroyo Chamisos

Descending down the back side to Dale Ball South.

I wanted to go back here after the 2 page Shot in BIKE Magazine this month.

The picture doesn't do this section justice. It is a really nice open little meadow

Jay coming up and out of the Dorothy Stewart

And after the ride of course we had some tasty Brews at Jays digs.

    I figured out what I could do with all my old rubber, and seek enlightenment at the same time.

    What is in your audio player? I am listening to Jerry Radio. It has some really good quality sounding shows on it. I am listening to a Old and in the Way show from 73.
    Lets remember it isn't the bike you ride it is the way you ride the mountain.
    I watched a great movie for the 2nd time tonight called Singlefin: Yellow. It has been on fuel a few times.