Thursday, January 25, 2007

Snow Blind

   WOW! I have never been off the bike for soo long before. It has been about a month since I have had a good Mountain Bike ride. The reason for this is the unrelenting snowfall that has been descending from the heavens. With the snow has brought out the snowboard for some GREAT riding up at Ski Santa Fe. Last year was our first winter here and I rode my Mt Bike all through the winter. Hitting the ski area is a little pricey for my poor ass so I am limited to the amount of time I can spend up there. The solution to this problem is to acquire some snowshoes and do some hiking to earn my turns. I have been about to get a pair of snowshoes for about 2 weeks now. I was at REI today and had a pair in my hands just to put it back on the shelf. I think I am definitely gonna get them though. They are Tubbs brand and they were the lowend price wise.Here they are. I have a few snowy pictures to share because that is all I see.

First ride up the lift and the snow was flying

Then it was back to my house. Anthony was the man that day for coming out and picking me up. Because there was no way my car could of made it. It is that mound of snow behind my board.

   Anthony and I had a GREAT ride that day. I have gotten a couple more rides up there even. They finally opened up the new lift that they call the millennium Chair that takes you above 12000 ft. There is a LOT more for me to explore up there. Especially with some snowshoes and my board.
I got these grips the other day from work. They are a sample from Oury. They have a Celeste Green look to them.

   Speaking of samples my folks were here last week and brought us some chocolates from San Francisco from a place called Recchiuti Confections. They are VERY tasty. Can't wait to get some more of those.

My friend Brad from Jackson Hole checked in with me and was saying the snow has been great up his way but it has been Dangerous. Here is a shot he sent from a recent hike he did. Lots of good truns up there.

    New Mexico is losing a Great Mountain Biker(and SingleSpeeder) by the name of Scott Sportsman. He was one of the first people I met here and was always willing to lead a ride in his home area of Los Alamos. He will be missed. He is headed to Cali. Here are a couple pictures from our rides. The first one was Scotts 2nd favorite past time.
Drinking Good Beer from a CamelBack bladder.

   What do you have in your audio player? I am listening to a old one but a goody. Yo La Tango- And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out. Good snowy weather music.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Blanco Luminaria

   Had a nice Christmas eve on the eastside, at a friends house. They had a tasty lamb stew and GREAT margaritas. Afterwards we walked from there house and basked in the glow of the Farolitos and the Luminarias on Acequia Madre.

This is a picture of a flying farolito that this guy lights and sends off into the sky using the hot air principle. They are quite beautiful in person.

   Happy New Year! Let us all have a GREAT 2007. We just watched the ball drop at home. We had visitors so it was laid back. We did watch The Di Vinci Code. Then a good Jail Documentary from a State Pen in Alaska. We are Wild aren't we? Speaking of the ball dropping, Man, Dick Clark wasn't looking or sounding to good at all since his stroke. I think he needs to retire. During the Thanksgiving Holiday I went down to White Mesa with Aaron and we met JimBeam and RobK for a great ride down there. I only got a couple of shots so here ya go.

    This is what Santa Fe is like these days round here. Which means I haven't been on my bike in a couple weeks. The snowboard has been getting a workout though. Ski Santa Fe has been a blast. There are a lot of trees to cruise thru. : ) They also just opened the new Millienium Triple Chair which takes you to over 12000 ft.

This was a long Icicle

    What is in your audio player? I have Ben Harper- Both Sides Of The Gun in mine and have been enjoying it in the snowy weather. Thanks to Wrench In The Gears for the suggestion.