Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shed The Light

   Got some quality fall rides in recently. Also been hitting up some great rides after work. Had some fun up on the Borrego Big T ride after work one night with Anthony while we still had sunlight for the whole ride but just enough. You could tell time was short.

Anthony chasing the falling sunlight

   One of my favorite places to ride here in New Mexico has got to be Cochiti. Blasted a quick Bland to medio dia canyon to del norte canyon up to the camper and onward to killer switchbacks back down medio dia.

sidpa bardo?

looking back on a day well spent

   Made it to Taos for one more South Boundary ride in 2010. I doubt I will make it back there again before it is unridable. Went with Ben and Matt from work. No action shots but some nice landscapes
This was Ben's first ride up there.

Ben's ride for the day

Ohh man, I have to say the best fish tacos in New Mexico are from Guadalajara

What's in your audio player? The new Avey Tare has been stuck in mine for quite some time. Also I have been digging the new Arcade Fire. I liked Spike Jonzes video he did for them as well

                     I am thankful for much