Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ascent on Aspen Vista

   Last week I set out to ride up Aspen Vista road and take Ravens Ridge down to the Winsor and take the Winsor back down to the Ski area. The ascent was just fine but when I got up to the towers the only trail I really saw was a cat track trail that went off from the triple chair. So after having a snack at the towers some close lightning made me decide to descend. I ended up taking the ski trail down and then riding a Nordic ski trail that was really fun. After consulting a thread on the local boards I tried to do it again last week but got turned away because of lightning again. It seems that there are storms like that during the summer up top. Hoping to hit that ride this week sometime. I took a few pics from the ride.
Driving up Hyde Park

Looking at the climb ahead

Starting up the climb. Big Tesuque trail enticed me but I stayed the course

the reason for the name

Getting up there the scenery changes

Nice views up there

When you get up to the radio towers you can see Santa Fe Lake off the backside. Makes me want to hike down and check it out.

So the only trail I saw was a double track trail running down towards the new lift.

After the lift I took this trail down to the parking lot.

I came across this cabin and tunnel thingy. I have no clue what it is for. It was raining at that point so I took refuge in it. Also this cool Rock cave thing.

Then since I didn't find the Ravens Ridge trail to Winsor I decided to at least ride this cool small loop called the Nordic Ski Trail. It was really fun.

And Remember to always Shut the Gate!

A Fun ride needless to say. I guess they all are. After I got home I popped open a Noice Wet Mountain IPA from Il Vicino. I was feeling fine after a couple of those.

    Speaking of Beer, Atomic TV has this video of all these really old Natty Boh ads. Natty Boh was Baltimore's version of PBR or Schaefer. Check it out. Some funny stuff.
    What is in your audio player? In dedication to the Tour I have Black Keys-Thickfreakness rockin in da ipod. Did anybody notice the Black Keys on the Tour commercials every night? K adios Amigos

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Summer Time Riding......

It's a GOOD thing!
    I had a nice summer ride the other day down at the lovely Dale Ball South trails via the Dorothy Stewart trail. I was SSolo so I have a few shots of Landscapes and a couple timer shots that didn't work out to well.
    What does everyone think about this Video? I can't believe how people can just go about there own thing while someone uses a grinder on a bike lock. I guess I wouldn't say anything either. Tell me what you would do.
Switchbacks are a way of life on the Dale Ball trails. This is a nice wide one

Dorothy Stewart

All around the Dale Ball trail area are big $ houses. This in particular has very green grass. I wonder if it is real.

A timer shot

Dale Ball South makes up for the lack of technical stuff on the other Dale Balls

I am out of here

Saw this guy as I was hiking up to Pecacho peak

I liked this little orby looking thing

   On the beer front I had a tasty Stone brew the other night It is a Ale that they release when the Day Month and Year are all the same. It is rather tasty. Has a good kick too.

   What is in your audio player? I am listening to Clem Snide- You were a Diamond in mine.
   Ella wanted me to show you her new Butterfly Crown she made

   Landis is back in Yellow today after stage 15 and L'Alpe d'Huez. I don't like Floyd's mustache.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


      On the 4th of July Jay and I got to practice our Independence from our family's and go out for a ride. So to celebrate our independence from Britain we decided to ride the Winsor. We drove up Hyde Park and parked at the Chameza trail head and boyyy was it packed. Tourist season is here everybody. We did the ol Chameza- Winsor- Borrego- Bear Wallow- Winsor- Chameza- Sidewinder run and man was it a nice ride. Not much pics were taken but trust me when I say it was a nice ride.The GPS stats for our ride are here. well here are a few pics from the ride.

Jays bike all tech and what not

Do you see the biker at Bear Wallow?

My Race Face?!

Ahhhhhh Sidewinder

   A friend of mine from Jackson Hole wanted to check in on the blog with some dank shots from a ride he did right from his house in town I believe it was an area known as Phillips Canyon here are a couple shots from his ride.

   Those look like killer trails I need to get back up there soon fo sho! Hopefully B-Rad will check in more often with Ride reports
    What is in your audio player? I got Modest Mouse- This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About in mine. This was the first Modest Mouse album I was turned on to. Did you all see that Syd Barrett died today? He was a trip. Peace to you.
   Got a nice SSolo ride in today playing around in the DB south area. I hope everyone got to do what they wanted today.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


  I know they say it can make you dizzy. Lose your balance. I had to do it. I finally rode up Aspen Vista to the Radio Tower(12045 ft.). I met Todd at the Borrego trail head and we left his truck there and proceeded to head up the road in my car and park at the Aspen Vista Trail head. From there we ascended Aspen Vista to the Towers then descended down to Big Tesuque took that down to the ol Winsor descended Winsor to Borrego then climbed that back to the car. I must say that Big tesuque from Apspen Vista down to Hyde park is one of the best sections of trail it was only the second time riding it. I need to ride up top more often. Todd brought his camera along so we took a few shots with his cam.
Todd is camera shy he always looks down when I shoot a pic of him.

The road from which we came

A nice spot

Enjoying the view

You can see our first destination(the Towers) up on top of the hill

Back on the bike

Cheater bike

Waiting for the snow

Here is the Big Tesuque trail I quite enjoy

On to new paths

What a ride it was... Preserve your memories. There all that's left you.
  What is in your audio player? I got one of my favorite Dino albums of all time Bug in mine. Thanks to Todd for burning it for me since I only had it on Old School Cassette. I Hope everyone had a Nice July 4th.
  Ken Lay is dead. Cheney said they didn't really know him to well. Bawaaaa!