Wednesday, March 23, 2011


   The end of needing lights for after work rides has come and gone. I rode quite a bit with the lights this winter and am scared for the prospect of closures in the forest this summer if we don't get some moisture quick like.

Met up with Lee one night in February and got a nice sunset to start one of my last night rides of the winter season

   got up to Dorothy Stewert and and the Dale Ball trails a bit ago. This was my first ride on the Dorothy Stewart trail of the new year. It is always nice when more options open up

Santa Fe barely got any Hoptimum but the one I had was AWESOME.

   Hit up the Dale Ball south trails the other day and had a great time. Always nice to get on trails that are a bit more tech then the rest of the Dale Bal trails. I didnt take out the camera cept to shoot this pretty bike and trail.

R.I.P Jay

Back at the car for another tasty treat

After the ride I was heading home and at Paseo and Guadalupe the sunset was ablaze

   first attempt to go up Chamiza this year found me riding with Cheryl Mark and Dom. We made the hole ride and it was sweet to get back in the trees a bit.
Cheryl climbing up Chamiza

up on da saddle

Mark coming round the bend

Who doesn't love a clementine

Hazel by Ella

   What's in your audio player? Heard this track from the upcoming Fleet Foxes album and quite enjoyed it.

“ Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information and religions destroy spirituality."

Friday, March 04, 2011

Spinning and Grinning

   Hit up White Mesa about a month ago and met up with Chris and Andy for some nice gypsum on the tires

Andy heading up

Saw this hawk flying around enjoying the day

Cool to imagine that this area was once covered in water

Chris climbing up to the hole

Heading to the moon

up to the mine

The Nipple

This picture reminds me of the Outer Banks

Back up from the mine gets steep

Coming back to i25 on 550 you get a nice view of the Sandias

White Mesa never disappoints

   I had a killer after work ride a while ago at the Galisteo Basin Preserve trails I always enjoy the trails there

   What's in your audio player? I bought 2 Song's for a relief for Haiti That Bonnie Prince Billy and The Cairo Gang put out.

                     SPRING IS COMING!