Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rio en Medio....Chingone

  A good day to you all. The sun is shining on another day in Santa Fe. I have been getting some road rides in as of late to get ready for the Santa Fe Century. It is coming up quick. It should be good times. A couple of good dirt rides too. Matt, a guy I have never ridden with is putting on some really cool long distance dirt rides/races this summer.He rides crazy amounts. The next one coming up is the Watermelon Death Ride on May 13th. This ride they are doing seems like a TON of FUN but I just don't have the time these days to squeeze it all in. I am hoping to do the one they are doing in Los Alamos though. I wonder if they are gonna have one here in Santa Fe. A lot of singlespeeders have been joining in on the fun on the rides. Here are the rest of the pictures from the ride up high, most of which where taken by Anthony. We have a birthday party for Ella today.
Aaron riding into the sunlight

A lovely waterfall
I really liked

trying to stay dry

Aaron and Todd come down a nice section

Andy just riding along

I love ridge singletrack. As you have seen from my blog Santa Fe has lots

Todd enjoying some New Mexico air

Coming up to that spot where I took a picture of that cactus from the last post. It was a nice spot for a rest.

another killer section of trail......

one of the beautiful meadows you come through on this ride

Todd enjoying the meadow

Ridge goodness

A little sunny spot in the forest

This was a sweet section of trail one of the best parts of this ride is that it goes along 3 different rivers the Rio En Medio, The Rio Nambe, and Rio Capulin. So you get lots of river features during the ride

looking determined

Todd was getting a little hot on the ride so.....

Todd drafting Andy

Aaron pushing those flat pedals

The Kona enjoys the Rio En Medio

Aaron says, What a ride!

Back at 412 before the climb back up Pacheco Canyon rd.

Having fun on 102(Pacheco Canyon)

Back from where we started

  I love getting up to the top part of the mountain. It has so much more tree coverage.
  What is in your audio player? I got Jerry Garcia and David Grisman-Shady Grove in mine. Getting all Hippy on ya. K everyone have a SSweet day, or night as the case may be. Sounds like they are gonna be closing some forest round here soon.....WEAK!



Matt said...

It's so awesome that you guys are riding that stuff over there. I've been riding back there for a few years nows and almost never see tracks, and only one other time did I run into to other bikers.

There is a really cool guy from Nambe Peublo who hikes up there with his familiy and likes to camp at the meadow with the old trailer. He bikes too, but is more of a hiker. Hope you get to meet him sometime. He clued me into most of the stuff back there.

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa it is crazy. I don't see many people on the trail here in Santa Fe at all. I LOVE those meadows too

gwadzilla said...

lots of photos of beautiful trail....

I like where I live...
I could use some wide open space
I should have ridden yesterday or today


rode in the city
but should have gotten out of the city