Thursday, September 09, 2010

"A perfect end today"

I Heart BEER

bout a month or so ago I hit up Cochiti with Anthony and Matt. This was Matts first MTB ride in Cochit (I think) which is always a nice treat to have someone on the ride that is seeing it all for the first time on 2 wheels. Mark couldn't make the ride because of a ant bite.
We took cochiti canyon up to Alamos trail

wet flower at shipman bottom

Lovely sights to be seen on the way

Matt had a few mechanicals during the ride. Always seemed to be in perfect areas though for a break

Anthony down yonder pickin berries

His bounty

What are they looking at?

We had a visitor. He was just hangin around eating

Marks new bike

What is in your audio player? Sonic Youth is still ruling it