Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Party on Pacheco

  Well not really a party but a goooood time fo sho. The other day Todd and I drove down Bishops Lodge and turned onto 592 and took that till you get to the bottom of Pacheco Canyon (Forest Service Road 102).We drove up the dirt road about 2 miles and parked and began our ascent up the old ski road. I had only been on the top part of 102 before and I was enjoying the bottom part it was a steady climb of about 7 miles up through some nice meadows and aspens and the like. We saw some shuttlers and some campers as well. It was nice to see people out enjoying the great outdoors. It amazes me that I don't see more mountain bikers out here because the trails are top notch.We went past the Aspen Ranch and took 150(Borrego) up to the Rio en Medio trail and took that back down to 592 and road that back up to the car. It was a great ride. The Rio en Medio trail is really fun it stays along the river the whole way with a nice waterfall half way down. We got a few pictures.
  They just had the Solar Festival in Taos last weekend. We are on a tight budget so no Festival for us. :( but it looked like a nice time.
Found a nice shady spot for the 240


Todd chooses to sport a ball cap for his climb.

Climbing up

Todd riding by a schweet meadow

Yeaaa down to singletrack

Man this was a nice Aspen grove....

As in life the trail has different choices to make ....


Todd coming down a section I LOVE.

If you needed to know

I like Rio en Medio cause there is lots of GREEN

When you get out of the trail you are in Rio en Medio you go through there and back on 592 then back around to 102. It is a dirt road that has some moooorrreeee climbing to the 240.

The end of the ride is at hand. The circle complete.

  What a ride it was. Here I am on the phone with Autumn explaining my lateness.

  What is in your audio player? I got Blockhead- Music By Cavelight in mine. I saw that there are a few Fixie riders in this years Great Divide Race. Should be fun to follow.
     Peace out.
Ohh yeaa had a sweet brew from Avery the other night.It was a nice high octane IPA. The Tetra(Mystery Finny Fish) Liked it as well.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Talking shit about a pretty Sunset

  Hello. What does everyone got going on this weekend? Been pretty chill round these parts as of late. Mostly SSolo rides. Things of that sort. Actually it has been nice to get out alone. It seems so different from riding with people. You can move along at a nice slow pace. A good way to get into my Dharma.
  I got some nature shots on The ride I did with Jay the other day to bishops lodge. I also went to the Skatepark finally the other day. Dusted off the ol Skateboard .Had a really good time. I need a new deck though. I am off work tomorrow so I am gonna hit up a ride somewhere. The wind has been getting wild around here lately. In Baltimore it was never windy like it gets here. Sooo different here.
Cement is Fun

View from Sidewinder

Where our path met a rich persons road. :( Trying to find a connector to Dale Ball North

The trails behind Bishops Lodge are buff

  We went to Shidoni last week and had a nice time. We got to go into the forge and see them getting ready to pour. They also had a nice little train garden rolling through the grounds. Very cool place. We need to go back.

   What is in your audio player? I have Bob Dylan- Another Side of Bob Dylan in my player. Bob fits in well here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sandy Torture

  Greetings and salutations. Another nice week has passed here in Santa Fe. It is getting hot hot hot here. The Forrest is still open here which is very nice. Jay and I went for a ride up Chamiza and down burn yesterday but this time we went down the trail that runs along what I think is Tesuque creek. It was nice. soon we went right and went up from the creek and came to a group of equestrians and they promptly told us we did not belong on these PRIVATE trails owned by Bishops Lodge. Does anyone know where the private land there starts? So we turned around and went back down to the creek trail and came out at Bishops Lodge road. Some nice new trails were ridden so it was nice. We were hoping to magically find trail that connected to the Dale Ball North system. That would be fun to be able to connect all that. Here are the GPS stats on it.
  I raced this past Sunday at La Tierra Torture It was a very good time. A couple hundred racers showed up to race and have some fun. I think in SingleSpeed group there was around 15 men and 4 women. The results should be posted on The website I took a couple pictures from post race. I also have a few pics from a sweet Atalaya ride We did the other day that Anthony took.
Pre Race Sunday AM

Anthony is ready to go with his new REBA

Post race Pre Beer

Some pretty Single Speeds resting

This guy rode his cross check SS in the sand.

Even some little ones raced today

The crowd

Nice people handing out fruit.

While I had a couple beers at the event I had a nice IPA when I got home

Here are a few from Atalaya. If you ride Atalaya you must do some of this(at least I must, Someone with a mountain tamer could do it)

Following behind Todd.

resting at one of the best views in Santa Fe

I wonder if Anthony knew he was about to go over the bars?

After the fall not even a scratch, and a smile

Todd rockin Santa Fe

Andy increasing his fun

Ohh yeaa and this happened to my Time pedal. First time it has happened to me.

  What is in your audio player? I actually bought the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album Stadium Arcadium. I am enjoying it.

All right, Good night