Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let Me Die In My Footsteps

The New RIG is born at 24.51 lbs

    Got some fun in the snow the other day with ol' man Dan. I have been wanting to do Big Tesuque from the towers since we moved here. Dan knows the run and I didn't want to do it alone the first time since it is easy to get lost up there. There are lots of ridges and canyons that can look the same when you are up in the trees getting face shots. A couple had just gotton rescued up there a couple days prior to our ride. They spent 3 nights in a snowcave. Story here.
   So we loaded up the Cross Country and went up Hyde Park Rd. We parked the car at Big Tesuque and hitchhiked up to Ski Santa Fe. We decided to get an all day pass and ride all day up there and then take the Big T hike at the end of the day. I had a really good time. I hope I can get a few more days like that in. I took some photo's but it was cooollllddddd so I didn't take many.

I was Having fun on South Burn


Dan getting ready to drop into South Burn which is always been fun when I hit it. It has good spaced out trees and you can usually find some good pow in there.

The outhouse at the towers. You get off the triple and hike up to the towers and then you ride the ridge down a ways and then you can basically choose your line down. Just be carefull where you drop.

Nature in all its splendor

The hike up to the ridge

We took a safety break at this point and then got some GREAT turns through these trees. I can't wait to get some more turns in Big T

Christmas Eve in Santa Fe. What has to be one of our most favorite things in Santa Fe is the Farolito walk. It really is what the holiday should really be about. It always seems to put me in a positive festive mood. I have even belted out some Christmas Carrolls by a make shift pinon fire in the street around a group of strangers.

This is Jays MootoXybb

Jay and I at the Stupa
The first guy I rode bikes with when we moved here. Cheers Jay

   What is in your audio player? I have the latest from Tinariwen in mine. They are From the Sahara and they make this otherwordly type of music that represents the everyman of the Touareg movement. It is traditional and very new at the same time. Lovin it.

                     Dong maber

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Sphinx Trail

Tater Tot Casserole Thanks Scott

    Well with winter hitting Santa Fe pretty hard this year so far the trails have been pretty unridable. I gonna be nice and out of shape for 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo. It will still be a blast I thinks. Well there is a new trail in the Santa Fe area now and the best part of it is that it is on the south side of town. It is being built for a comunity they are building near Lamy called The Galisteo basin Preserve. They are setting aside tons of open space and have hired someone to build trails that are very reminiscent of the Dale Ball trails in town. There seems to be about 10-12 miles of trails so far and they are really fun. I love that they are building these because it means i can leave from my house and hit them without hittin pavement.YAAAHOOO! For the first ride out there I met Todd and a couple of the Nativos. Man was it great to ride again. Been too long.We set out not knowing where the singletrack was so we just parked on the new dirt roads beside a pretty stone sculpture where we thought we saw some singletrack. We then started pedeling up the roads to get our spin on. We ended up finding the singletrack and having a blast. We even saw some crusty ol punkrockers on the trail. I took some pics with my new tiny camera. I am still getting used to the ways of the Canon SD1000.
getting to the trail it was in the low 20's. Lee was dressed very warmly

The road we warmed up on for a few miles


New Mexico Dirt

Sphinx Trail

These 3 were out enjoying some trail as well

This was hopefully the last ride for the ol' IF

More New Mexico dirt

These trails are just gonna get better. We didn't even ride all of them.

Then Todd and I went to 2nd st. for a nice IPA

   I met Todd the next week for a ride that I rode from my house. I met him at the spur trail and the rail trail. We rode south towards Lamy and hookoed up with the Sphinx trail. About midway through the ride the ground started to thaw and the ride became arduous.
    I have been making margaritas lately. They are very tasty when you use a good tequila. This time i bought some el Reformador

    What is in your audio player? I have Yeasayer in mine. GoodDan hooked me up with it. I really enjoy it. It has a ethnic religeous vibe to it with a twist. I know that prolly sounds whacky but it works. I read an interview and saw 2 of the guys were from Baltimore. Seems Baltimore has quite a Indie scene happnin there these days. With them and people like Dan Deacon residing or hanging there.

                     Nos vemos despu├ęs