Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm just gonna take a minute and let it ride

The lovely climb up Pacheco Canyon rd to start the ride

   Made a run down rio en medio about a month ago with Matt and Anthony and Mark. Rio en medio is one of the more technical trails around Santa Fe. Was a great ride and we drank beer and threw rocks at bottles at the bottom of pacheco canyon road.

Matt on one of my favorite parts of the cut-thru to Pacheco from rio en medio

   The weekend after that ride Krista was in town and looking to get a SS ride in while she was in town so we met up at Cochiti. I got there and a few minutes later Andy and a friend of his pulled into the parking lot just by coincidence so they joined us on a fun ride up Bland to del norte to killer switchbacks and so on. Was a great ride with everyone on SS's

Getting started on the road to Bland
photo: Andy

Andy gettin it up to the saddle

IF in da house

Sharing a moment of reflection    photo:Andy

Krista owning the descent

Andy hearts Cochiti

   Rode Atalaya with Raney a bit ago and we climbed up in the daylight and descended in darkness over to the Dale Ball south trails. It was a great ride. Mike is fast so it is good to be chasing someone the whole ride. only got a couple sunset shots and an arm extension shot of my first Celebration ale of the year.

   What is in your audio player? I have K'naan in mine. I really enjoy this desktop concert he gave at npr.

                           Happy Holidays everyone.