Tuesday, December 26, 2006

"Cut Off The Lights"

James Brown did his own thing. RIP my brutha

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Perfect Pour

Man that makes me thirsty.
   Merry Christmas and hoodeeedo too! I love this time of year because it brings my favorite seasonal beer. Sierra Celebration.
I think I could drink it all year long. It also has a nice 6.8 Alcohol content.
   What can I say. I went on another great New Mexico MTB ride the other day. Started out with a big crew and we lost a bunch of peeps on the way up. So it turned into a smaller ride but it was still a blast. We then hit up some KILLER springs right in Las Vegas called Montezuma Hot Springs. I got a couple shots of the ride. I hope to go back there again fo sho. Much more to explore.
Getting to this trail head had us going up a long dirt road.

Anthony getting Something out of his bag.

PJ and Anthony debating the finer points of wearing blue jersey's

PJ's nice 29er


PJ bringin her home

Anthony letting us know who is the man

There were no photo's of it but I was riding a Specialized Stumpjumper 120 on that ride that I am buying from a friend. It was much fun! It is behind Anthony's Santa Cruz here

Then it was off to the Hot Springs which were INCREDIBLE. I can't wait to go back there. The round tub in the 2nd pic is freaking super hot. Had to be around 115 I reckon.

Then we got back to Anthony's house and he was kind enough to give me a couple of these to drink when I got home.

    Christmas Eve is on Sunday and there is bunch of snow forecasted for the area. We loved Christmas Ever here last year. We went up and did the farolito walk up on Canyon road. It is a re ally good time with a great energy. They have these cool things called Flying Farolitos. They float up in the air like a hot air balloon. I read this good article on Christmas in Santa Fe. Kind of gives you a feel for what it is like.
    What is in your audio player? I have The Roots-Game Theory in mine. Nuttin like a little Philly Style. K everyone have a Good Winter Solstice. Let's get some longer days goin on.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another GREAT local trail

   I went for a nice ride the other day with Anthony, Jim Beam , CDaddy, Ray and a guy from Cabin John MD named RobK. Rob had been here to New Mexico last year right around the same time we had moved here. They enjoyed there vacation here sooo much they decided to come here again this year. We met up with a bunch of other people from Santa Fe that just happened to be riding in Cochiti the same day. It was a Killer day full of Climbing and then turning around and descending. I think it might of been one of my favorite descents yet since moving here. Just a fine day all around. Accept for the Titus frame that snapped in half literally. A few shots from the ol Olympus C-4000 Zoom.
     We parked at Dixon Apple Orchard

   The other group of Santa Fe peeps that was there started the ride with us then split off to do a different loop then us and we ended up meeting them again later. I can't remember this guys name but he was fun to ride with.

The start of the ride was up cochiti canyon I believe.

Once you pass this gate you will not return the same person....


Rob didn't seemed bothered by the elevation

Our tour guide for the day was Ray shown here below

I think Anthony liked Cochiti

Jim Beam

Todd showing off

There are soo many good vistas on your way up Cochiti Canyon


Robk from cabin John

Very chilly in parts because of the shade

Then you bust out into the sunlight for some warmth.

Sitting in the cabin looking out

I think Ray said this was called Beaver pond

Todd decided to eat his snack away from the rest of the kids.

Then we decided to turn it around and descend. Not many pics of the descent of course.

This is that alligator juniper that Mark showed me. It has a really cool bark.

back at the orchard

Here is Stefan with his broken Titus right after it happened

Those 2 and this one were from Anthony

   I can't wait to go back there to Cochiti. There are other trails that we didn't ride that I need to put some rubber on. Our move to New Mexico has been stressful financially but it is the best thing we have ever done. Truly the Land of Enchantment.
    What is in your audio player? I got Talib Kweli- Quality in mine. I got it out from the CD case after watching Block Party.
    K Ella and I have to take our recycling to the transfer station. I will leave you with A shot from a night ride the other evening on the Dale Ball trails. With the lights from town.