Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cedro for President

  Today was a good day. Parked on 72A and went up from the bottom of Winsor up to Chamisa then up to the saddle and took Sidewinder to burn then back down to Winsor. Very nice weather today. Ride was like a little slice of heaven.
  I Watched a cool movie the other night called Genghis Blues . A blind Cape Verdean-American blues singer hears some strange music on a shortwave radio, and tracks it down as Tuvan throatsinging. It sounds like a whistle and a groan at the same time, and most people can't believe it comes from one human mouth.
   I got some good shots from today's ride but I still have some Cedro pics to post up so here they are.
Hay what is that?

This was a fun section, Even the double track was fun at Cedro

Here our host rounds the corner and eyes it up

Here JimBeam comes through a scenic section

coming down the same nice big rock gardens

Enjoying the arroyo

JimBeam and AndyN choose the right line

Rocky rocky rocky

  I see the SingleSpeed Outlaw had his 3rd SSPBE up in Frederick his new home base. It looked like a good time. I wonder if anyone here in Northern New Mexico will put together one of these.
  What is in your audio player? I got Fugazi: End Hits in mine. K adios to all.


Yuri said...

i love fugazi. end hits is eggcellent.
i think 13 songs is still my fav.

Tubeular Visions said...

Dark soil and real rocky,
look's like back east!

Jay said...


Nice pics! I miss rocks! These days I'm riding vicariously through you. I'm recovering from a clavicle fracture & relegated to road rides. I'm digging the asphalt, but I'm jonesing for dirt. Savor every root, rock & bed of sweet pine needles your tires intersect. Nothing compares to riding mother earth.

At the moment, I'm grooving to Spearhead's "Home."

Ride On....

Tim Wise said...

Yuri: that is a good album. I would say that the self titled album is still my most fave of the Fugazi albums.
Clarkbar:You would LOVE Cedro.
Jay: I heard you had broke the ol' collar bone. OUCH! HoW much longer till you hit the dirt? Road is fun too.

Tim Wise said...

ooops! Yuri i just saw that 13 songs is a combo album containing that first album. I love Waiting room.