Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter is NOW!

I think we may have the only crab trap ornament in Santa Fe.
   A plethera of winter riding has happened so far this season. I have not gotten on the snowboard yet.I hope to do so over the holidays.
    Got in a couple rides down in Albuquerque and this one with Anthony in which we climbed up from the baptist center and then descended Apache Canyon down to Shaggy Peak trail onto Ridge rd then back to Anthony's abode.

climbing up to ghost town is always a nice affair until you hit the old hotel.... .then it gets much steeper.

stuff from a bygone era

   After getting to the tower and chatting it up with Tom Mayer. Anthony and I dropped down from the tower onto Apache Canyon and had a snack in a nice meadow.

IT is a fun descent from the tower to this sign.

there are miles and miles of dirt roads like this here.

Then it was down old Santa Fe Trail to the Hondo and the comfort of home.

Had this to cap off the ride. It was quite nice. I like the Full Sail beers for their good prices.

Ella's Origami Army

    Then I went down to hit up Otero with Matt and Anthony and we met up with Dave and Paul for a really fun ride I only took a couple pictures.

Matt was having fun this day

The views from up on the tower never get old.

It was so nice up there Matt wanted me to take picture of him for his facebook

Dave was riding his new Gary Fisher Rig. He is now been converted. It seems to match the sign post well I thought. Right after this picture as we took a break. Jeff Kabush came riding by.

   What is in your audio player? I would have to say that I have one of one of the better albums of the year in mine.Thanks to Dan from work for enlightening me.I think the album was actually done in 2007 but wasn't released in North America until 2008. It is Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago

    I got a chance to put on a Sram Torpedo hub which we will be selling at work. IT is an old concept being brought back by the peeps at Sram. It is a fix/free hub that is switched between fixed and freewheel by a turn of a screw inside the axle bolt. I have only been riding it fixed so far it has performed nicely.

    Happy Holidays everyone out there in the world.    Hopefully America can stop this bullshit we have been embarking on in the name of "Democracy". Hey maybe we could even stop this fucking useless war on drugs.
    War on Terror... War on Drugs... War on the middle class.......... War on reason
                 A piĆ¹ tardi