Wednesday, February 21, 2007

(My) First Ascent on Lake Peak

Breaking Trail is tiring

    Had a good ol' time this weekend hooking up with couple of guys who were going to get some back country turns via taking the Millennium lift up and hiking over to Lake Peak and then getting some good face shots and coming out on the upper Winsor and snowshoeing out about 4 miles back to the ski area and taking the lift back up and heading over to Big T and riding back down to a truck we left down there. The day started out GREAT. We ended up making some wrong turns with dangerous conditions and having to hike back out of those areas. so the Lake Peak hike took us around 6 hours soo we didn't get to go back up and do Big T but it was much fun to do some back country riding . The snowshoes were really fun. I now need to get a back country bag . I think i am gonna get this one because we can get a deal on em.Anyone have a Osprey bag?
    Soo my camera sux as usual and i only got about 5 shots before it crapped out on me. So Dan Clark took a bunch and burned them onto a disc so i could post up some from the powdery bonanza we had.

Hiking up to the Millennium chair. Just getting started

At the top of the Millennium Lift

The Towers

Hanging on the spine

Steve letting us know

Looking back from whence we came.

Lots of POW

Here we are about to get some GREAT turns

   Then we got into a dangerous section and had to slap on the snowshoes and skins to traverse out of the gully. The snowshoes worked really good. It was a good day to learn how to use them.

Then we got some more incredible turns after we hiked out of the gully

    After that we had to hike out on the upper Winsor about 3 miles on the snowshoes. We made it out way to late to use our ticket. It was a fun day. Dan and I swung by Cliffs Liquor's for a couple 40's. i picked up this nice Durango Brewing selection i hadn't had before. IT was Really Hoppy and Good.

    We watched a good movie the other night called Who Killed the Electric Car? I couldn't believe they were making a car like that. Corporations are Killing us.
    What is in your audio player? I have Bad Brains "Live" in mine. HR and company put on quite a show. East Coast all the way.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shuttling The Foothills

   Went down to Albuquerque last weekend and rode some trails called the FootHills. They run at the base of the Sandias and it's were all the nicer homes are. I can't tell you how nice it was to ride the trail bike again. I went down there with Todd and Ray. We ended up meeting up with another group of Santa Feans(Stefan, Mark, Marks wife and Tom) looking to escape the winter madness that is going on up here. We ended up riding about 15 miles tops but it was still a good ol time. There were 4 29ers and 2 26 inch wheeled bikes. Amazingly the 4 29ers were all Gary Fishers. I took some pictures of the trail and surrounding dessertness.

Ray was digging on the trail

   I really liked the trails at the foothills. Can't wait to go back and ride all of the stuff there. After the ride Todd was kind enough to drive us to IL Vicino for a 22 oz Wet Mt IPA then on to REI so I could purchase my new snowshoes. I can't wait to use those.
   It is still pretty wintry here. Though last week saw temps get back into the 40's in Santa Fe which was nice. This is how my drive to work looked on the last storm we got. You think I should try to scrape my windows a little better?

   Brad from Jackson Hole checked in with me again and sent a picture of a chute he did recently up there called Gothic. It looks pretty burly. He said it has a 15 footer then you have to point her straight down. You can see it in the left side of this pic. Last time I visited Brad there we went to Snake River Brewing which has SWEET brew there.

    What is in your audio player? I have some track from a Session Bonnie Prince Billy did for Daytrotter. They have lots of music on there.
   Some more snow is on the way for next week so I think I may have to bust out the snowshoes. I also have my eye on racing in the Dawn Til' Dusk race in Gallup. Anyone interested in doing it duo?