Monday, February 27, 2006

SSolo Rides

   feels a lot like spring here.Mid 60's and sunny. I can't tell you the last time I felt a rain drop or a snowflake. Autumn and Ella flew back to Baltimore for a week so Autumn could work a show in Philly. Ella got to visit with the grand parents so it worked out well. I had taken a few days off to go to Wolf Creek but lack of snow and a bailing friend had me hanging in town . One day I rode the cross check down to Lamy and back from my house. It is a ride that I can do without hitting any vehicular traffic. Which we all know is nice. I took a few pics from the ride. I have ridden solo a lot since we moved here. It is nice to ride alone sometimes. A nice time for reflection. Whenever I ride the SF rail trail I take my ipod along which I enjoy. The ride was about 16 miles one way.
This is right where the spur trail from Rancho Viejo meets up with the rail trail. I got a flat here.

random shots along the way

I actually didn't make into the town of Lamy. I turned around here at 285

Coming back home

When you ride the Santa Fe rail trail you go right through Eldorado

Here is a cool little tunnel

It was a really nice ride. Even when you have to make yourself get out and ride it ends up being a positive thing.
  What is in your audio player? I have Cat Power-Moon Pix in mine.
  We are setting up a ride up in Taos at South Boundary Trail. I have been wanting to ride that trail since we moved here.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lets All Ride Bikes

  OK now lets talk gear inches. I switched the RIG from a 32/18 gear ratio which from Sheldon Brown's gear calculator is 51.8 gear inches. I then went with a 32/20 gear ratio which made it 46.6 gear inches. I have ridden it a couple times now and think I need to make it inline with my IF(26 inch) bike which is a 34/18 which is 49.1 gear inches. So I am ordering a 34 tooth chainring which will make the RIG 34/20 which is 49.5 gear inches. Man I hope this sets it right.
   The last ride I did on the RIG was a GREAT ride on the trails up Hyde Park. There were 5 of us, all meeting at the Juan trailhead(tr. 399) before the chamisa trail parking lot up the road. We all got ourselves together and rolled up Hyde Park rd up to the Chamisa trailhead and onto a Lovely climb up to the saddle. I guess I will let the pictures tell the tale.
Climbing up to the saddle

A fun little tech section

I like this one of Nerb

ahhh Sidewinder

Jay coming and going

If you look closely you can find Anthony down there on the burn trail

if you look closely here you might find Jay

heading off into the sun

I liked this mossy tree limb

Anthony eyeing me up

A lovely little section right before you get back to Hyde Park road

Anthony looks like he enjoyed the ride

heading up to the car

  Sooo tell me what is in your audio player? Again I am diggin in da crates and busted out the Pixies Show I went to in DC before we moved out here. They sold sound board quality CD's of the 12 final shows. So I got one for the show we went to. This was one goood show.Even if they were just touring for the $$$$$.
   I saw this from a thread on MTBR I thought it looked like a killer ride. I don't know if I could eat lizard meat though. I wouldn't mind trying that ride one day, All righty I better get to bed. Going riding in Albuquerque tomorrow since I have to pick up Autumn and Ella I figured I might as well go for a ride down there. I am gonna ride Otero. Adios

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Atalaya Upchuck

  The day started out just fine, I met up with Jay to enjoy some time on the trails. We had decided to do the Atalaya to Dale Ball trail, We met at St. Johns and started our ride at 7441 Ft and began our ascent to 9121 Ft. Upon reaching the peak we met a nice guy and a couple ladies who we chatted up for a bit. The man who must of been at least in his late 60's had hiked Atalaya 29 times in January. Now that is obsession. He was cool though he told us about a little different way down to Dale Ball south that we hadn't done before which was sweet. We bid them farewell and began our descent. Once we made it over to Dale Ball I began to feel bonked. I thought damn that was quick. But I also was feeling dizzy. We finished our ride and I made it home. As soon as I got home I started getting ill, Man it tore me up for a week. Phewww. Ever since we had Ella I have had so many more colds and flu's. K well Jay managed to take a couple pre-hurl shots. So here ya go.
I picked up Jay and his geary on the way

trail signage

Waiting patiently

Enjoying the top

Here is part of the trail that the older guy told us to take

A nice section

  Ohh myy I scored a case of the Sierra Nevada IPA from work. Has anyone had this before? I had never seen it. The beer buyer told me it was seasonal. It is tasty if you get a chance grab yourself some.

This bike is someone who shops a lot at Whole Foods I thought the statement was comical.

  What is in your audio player? Thanks to Yuri I bought Gym Class Heroes last night from itunes and it is Tight. Thanks Yuri.
  Had a great ride with some old and new peeps up the mountain the other day where we shouldn't be able to ride right now(cause it should be snowed in). It was a killer ride and we got some sweet shots.... more Later, Peace yall.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Joe brings the goods

All right! I now have what i think will be better gearing for these here parts.
I got to ride the RIG today for the first time in quite a while. I liked the new 20 tooth cog.I could stay seated for more of the climbing which was nice cause it has been so dry here as of late which seems to make it real loose. I am now riding a 32:20.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Los Alamos+ Snow= Fun

  Happy February to all.
  Had a good ride last week with Scott and Anthony up in Los Alamos. Los Alamos is a interesting town. It has a sort of Stepford feel to it. I really like it when I am there though. It is right in the mountains. Real beautiful. Housing is somewhat pricey though. For this ride we met Scott at his house. Scotts house is nice in that you can leave right from his house to hit trails. Some of the trails we rode on this ride where right around the Labs too. We had a great ride it snowed for about half the ride. I took my Camera and Anthony did as well so we got a few shots of the ride.
  Driving up the hill into town

  The rocky climb in the beginning

Scott climbing up like a champ

Scott and Anthony climbing

Me climbing a bit

A nice section

Some random shots

The snow begins

The IF is always trying to hog the picture

coming back into town to Scott's house

  All right everyone have a nice one today. What is in your audio player? Thanks to The Outlaw I have The Dead Kennedy's In God We Trust and Plastic Surgery Disasters in my player as i type. Lets all Keep it real out there, Peace