Monday, February 27, 2006

SSolo Rides

   feels a lot like spring here.Mid 60's and sunny. I can't tell you the last time I felt a rain drop or a snowflake. Autumn and Ella flew back to Baltimore for a week so Autumn could work a show in Philly. Ella got to visit with the grand parents so it worked out well. I had taken a few days off to go to Wolf Creek but lack of snow and a bailing friend had me hanging in town . One day I rode the cross check down to Lamy and back from my house. It is a ride that I can do without hitting any vehicular traffic. Which we all know is nice. I took a few pics from the ride. I have ridden solo a lot since we moved here. It is nice to ride alone sometimes. A nice time for reflection. Whenever I ride the SF rail trail I take my ipod along which I enjoy. The ride was about 16 miles one way.
This is right where the spur trail from Rancho Viejo meets up with the rail trail. I got a flat here.

random shots along the way

I actually didn't make into the town of Lamy. I turned around here at 285

Coming back home

When you ride the Santa Fe rail trail you go right through Eldorado

Here is a cool little tunnel

It was a really nice ride. Even when you have to make yourself get out and ride it ends up being a positive thing.
  What is in your audio player? I have Cat Power-Moon Pix in mine.
  We are setting up a ride up in Taos at South Boundary Trail. I have been wanting to ride that trail since we moved here.


hamad said...

what bike were you riding? is that a single speed c-cross. man, i used to have one of them. good times.
i have just been putting my ipod on shuffle. so i've been listen to anything from folk, easy listening, metal, name it. but now i think i'm going to do some work to moby. enjoy...

Tim Wise said...

Well actually it has gears. I haven't switched it yet(next project) I guess the title of the post shouldn't say SSolo rides. Yeaa i love that about the ipod. i put my 60 gig on shuffle and you get a huge mixed bag. I love that about ipods cause they put songs on you forget about.

Tim said...

Thanks for another nostalgic trip back to the high desert via your photos. The tunnel is new but, when I look at the rest of those shots, I remember some beautiful days on that trail.

Have you ridden Policarpio yet? If you're not familiar with it, e-mail me at for some info. You'll love it.

Tubeular Visions said...

Dude, that first pic looks like you got mugged,
by an alien!

Tim Wise said...

LOL! yeaa i was having a yard sale.