Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lets All Ride Bikes

  OK now lets talk gear inches. I switched the RIG from a 32/18 gear ratio which from Sheldon Brown's gear calculator is 51.8 gear inches. I then went with a 32/20 gear ratio which made it 46.6 gear inches. I have ridden it a couple times now and think I need to make it inline with my IF(26 inch) bike which is a 34/18 which is 49.1 gear inches. So I am ordering a 34 tooth chainring which will make the RIG 34/20 which is 49.5 gear inches. Man I hope this sets it right.
   The last ride I did on the RIG was a GREAT ride on the trails up Hyde Park. There were 5 of us, all meeting at the Juan trailhead(tr. 399) before the chamisa trail parking lot up the road. We all got ourselves together and rolled up Hyde Park rd up to the Chamisa trailhead and onto a Lovely climb up to the saddle. I guess I will let the pictures tell the tale.
Climbing up to the saddle

A fun little tech section

I like this one of Nerb

ahhh Sidewinder

Jay coming and going

If you look closely you can find Anthony down there on the burn trail

if you look closely here you might find Jay

heading off into the sun

I liked this mossy tree limb

Anthony eyeing me up

A lovely little section right before you get back to Hyde Park road

Anthony looks like he enjoyed the ride

heading up to the car

  Sooo tell me what is in your audio player? Again I am diggin in da crates and busted out the Pixies Show I went to in DC before we moved out here. They sold sound board quality CD's of the 12 final shows. So I got one for the show we went to. This was one goood show.Even if they were just touring for the $$$$$.
   I saw this from a thread on MTBR I thought it looked like a killer ride. I don't know if I could eat lizard meat though. I wouldn't mind trying that ride one day, All righty I better get to bed. Going riding in Albuquerque tomorrow since I have to pick up Autumn and Ella I figured I might as well go for a ride down there. I am gonna ride Otero. Adios

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DT said...

I was at the Pixie show the following night (12/08/2004) and man was that amazing. Totally by chance, a friend hooked me with a ticket...ended up being front row and ended up inside the CD cover...I mean really, how often does that happen, ha. If you want to hear the second DC show, just let me know.