Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Joe brings the goods

All right! I now have what i think will be better gearing for these here parts.
I got to ride the RIG today for the first time in quite a while. I liked the new 20 tooth cog.I could stay seated for more of the climbing which was nice cause it has been so dry here as of late which seems to make it real loose. I am now riding a 32:20.


hamad said...

high gear. good for climbing. sucks for flats, though. that is the hardest thing for the single speed. what is the most utilitous gear for everything? its a hard path to walk. so it is not for everyone to walk our path. enjoy the path.

Tim Wise said...

Yeaa, well it seems like the trails I have ridden here don't have many flat sections like there were in Maryland. It is either up or down. I may throw a 34 tooth front ring on there though to make it closer in gear inches to my 26 inch bike. Also Hamad i got my hands on that Rosalia de Souza. Thanks for the tip.

riderx said...

Holy girl gear batman! I've got a 25T sitting in the parts bin that was a freebie if you want it. ;)

Just giving you a hard time. Looks like you been getting lots of good riding in. Mines slacked a bit with packing, but we moved all of the goods yesterday, just need to unpack and my riding can ramp back up.

Tim Wise said...

LOL! Yeaa well gear inches does not make the man. I rode on it yesterday on a big ride and i am gonna put a 34 tooth front ring on there to equal the IF(26 inch) gear ratio. Yeaa moving blows. I bet you are loving it there though. Peace, Hey to Julie.