Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Atalaya Upchuck

  The day started out just fine, I met up with Jay to enjoy some time on the trails. We had decided to do the Atalaya to Dale Ball trail, We met at St. Johns and started our ride at 7441 Ft and began our ascent to 9121 Ft. Upon reaching the peak we met a nice guy and a couple ladies who we chatted up for a bit. The man who must of been at least in his late 60's had hiked Atalaya 29 times in January. Now that is obsession. He was cool though he told us about a little different way down to Dale Ball south that we hadn't done before which was sweet. We bid them farewell and began our descent. Once we made it over to Dale Ball I began to feel bonked. I thought damn that was quick. But I also was feeling dizzy. We finished our ride and I made it home. As soon as I got home I started getting ill, Man it tore me up for a week. Phewww. Ever since we had Ella I have had so many more colds and flu's. K well Jay managed to take a couple pre-hurl shots. So here ya go.
I picked up Jay and his geary on the way

trail signage

Waiting patiently

Enjoying the top

Here is part of the trail that the older guy told us to take

A nice section

  Ohh myy I scored a case of the Sierra Nevada IPA from work. Has anyone had this before? I had never seen it. The beer buyer told me it was seasonal. It is tasty if you get a chance grab yourself some.

This bike is someone who shops a lot at Whole Foods I thought the statement was comical.

  What is in your audio player? Thanks to Yuri I bought Gym Class Heroes last night from itunes and it is Tight. Thanks Yuri.
  Had a great ride with some old and new peeps up the mountain the other day where we shouldn't be able to ride right now(cause it should be snowed in). It was a killer ride and we got some sweet shots.... more Later, Peace yall.

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iconoclasst said...

Man, all the fun of riding capped off with a beautiful view. Nice shots--yet again. Snow here last Sunday, 63 degrees and sunny right now...crazy stuff.

I'd heard about an IPA from SN, but none has made it this far east, as far as I know. Looking out for it, but as long as Bigfoot is lurking about in these parts, I'm happy. My GF got me some 3 Floyds Black Sun Stout and a Hercules Double IPA for V-day...still have the 3Floyds Holiday Porter chillin' in the fridge. Weekend's supposed to be pretty cold, so I'll be tapping these then.

Hope you shake the bug quickly. Sick sucks.