Saturday, February 04, 2006

Los Alamos+ Snow= Fun

  Happy February to all.
  Had a good ride last week with Scott and Anthony up in Los Alamos. Los Alamos is a interesting town. It has a sort of Stepford feel to it. I really like it when I am there though. It is right in the mountains. Real beautiful. Housing is somewhat pricey though. For this ride we met Scott at his house. Scotts house is nice in that you can leave right from his house to hit trails. Some of the trails we rode on this ride where right around the Labs too. We had a great ride it snowed for about half the ride. I took my Camera and Anthony did as well so we got a few shots of the ride.
  Driving up the hill into town

  The rocky climb in the beginning

Scott climbing up like a champ

Scott and Anthony climbing

Me climbing a bit

A nice section

Some random shots

The snow begins

The IF is always trying to hog the picture

coming back into town to Scott's house

  All right everyone have a nice one today. What is in your audio player? Thanks to The Outlaw I have The Dead Kennedy's In God We Trust and Plastic Surgery Disasters in my player as i type. Lets all Keep it real out there, Peace


iconoclasst said...

NIce shots, man.

Still unseasonably (i.e., unnaturally warm here with relentless rainfall today. Heading up to the swap in Westminster tomorrow (okay, today). No post-swap ride this year, thanks to the rain, so looks like maybe we'll spend that time at Clay Pipe sampling their liquid wares. Almost a fair tradeoff, ha!

Gotta grab some zees, 8 ayem is right around the corner.

Nice post; keep those pix and writeups coming. Listening to some Wilco in the player--Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

Tim Wise said...

Ahh, I always liked The Clay Pipe offerings.That Wilco album is good. I hope you score something at the Swap. I saw it has been rainy there. Send some our way

Yuri said...

that looks like a great ride. newest addition to audio is gym class heros. wilco is good but i think i burnt myslef out on them last year. try sun volt.