Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Day in Paradise

Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear Santa-Fe,
My woman needs it ev'ryday,
She promised this a-lad she'd stay,
She's rollin' up a lotta bread
To toss away.
She's in Santa-Fe,
Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear Santa-Fe
Now she's opened up an old maid's home,
She's proud, but she needs to roam,
She's gonna write herself a roadside poem,
About Santa-Fe."
That is from a Dylan song named Santa Fe that I have always liked.
Finally got some snow here yesterday and this morning. Anthony and I rode in Los Alamos with Scott yesterday in the snow, it was a sweet ride.(more on it later).Last week we got a good ride in town here are a few pics from it.
Here is me hiking my bike up a steep climb, I know it doesn't look steep, but it is:).

Landscape shot (by Anthony)

the IF has seen a lot of action as of late cause I am waiting on a new 20 tooth cog from Surly to put on the RIG.

high above Santa Fe

A sweet section of ridge. I am off in the distance.

Anthony descending

Anthony stepping it up

Coming right at ya

Down a nice tech section on Dale Ball south

and a shot of the IF enjoying some down time

  Here is a nice pale ale I had the other day from Steamworks

  All right everyone have a nice one today. I am off to work :( . What is in your audio player today? I have Linton Kwesi Johnson-Forces Of Victory. I have always enjoyed Dub music.
  I think I need to get the Snowboard out soon, It has been tooooo long.

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iconoclasst said...

Man, there are some sweet technical spots out there, eh?

Again, great shots, ya lucky bastard! 8^)

Listening to International Noise Conspiracy's The First Conspiracy and some miscellaneous Iggy.

Rain and above-freezing temps around here lately; trails are muddy. We need a deeeeep freeze and some snow!