Monday, October 24, 2005


This top picture is from the Go Cart race after the biking portion of the SSWC. It is of Gary Fisher waving to a fellow competitor on the track. photo:Dom
We went up to Taos on Saturday to check out the Taos Balloon Festival We took the High Road up to Taos which was a killer drive but took longer then just taking 68 would of been.Def worth it though.We had a great time in Taos.Ella wasn't cooperating too much. She had a cold and was crabby.I had wanted to check out the Ernest Blumenschein museum of course we where too late to get in.I can't wait to get back there and check that out and also take my bike and ride the south boundary trail.
Sunday I was supposed to meet Robert for a ride up on the Chamisa and hit the burn trail which I hadn't ridden yet.I was leaving the house round 8 and my damn car broke down....AGAIN!It was the same problem I have been having with it. It needs a new Impulse sender.I had been putting it off....So I crawled back to the house and switched cars and went and rode the Dale Ball trails before work.Great ride none the less.K everyone have a KIND day. first picture is of the Taos Pueblo,2nd picture is of the Ernest Blumenschein house,the 3rd is of some balloons at the balloon glow. The 4th is of a nice little shop we visited

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