Thursday, October 06, 2005


Hey there! Seems that the cold weather has decided to pay us a visit here.Lots of rain here last night as well.Was suppossed to ride this morning with a fellow S.F.S.S. (Santa Fe Single Speeder).We called it off cause of the rain last night and the windy conditions this morning.Fiquired we could just hit it tomorrow morning.the Forcast
for tomorrow looks much more enjoyable and it will give the trail time to firm up if need be.We just bought a 3rd wheel cycle to hook on to my Surly crosscheck.It is great cause Ella is really liking it so we can go out for long rides together all 3 of us. Great Fun!I will put a pic of us on it later on .K Everyone have a Kind day. Tim...
this is a picture of Ella at the Potluck Picnic for her Montessori school it was a really good time. I usually don't enjoy things like that.

This picture was taken by Scott AKA sportsman on the last day of GITA. What a ride that was .. mmore later


Brian said...

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riderx said...

What's with these freakin' spam comments???

Digging the third wheel. You getting the ladies out on the trail now? :)

Craig said...

Wow, Blog Spam,

Anyway, you don't know me, but I read Riderx's blog all the time. Congratulations on your smart move. I made the not so smart move from Albuquerque to Halthorpe. I am jealous. Anyway, enjoy the trails.