Saturday, October 01, 2005

Found this old picture ....

Hey there ,Well today i believe Mike and Amelia are getting married ,they are 2 friends from Maryland that live in the country in Whitehall.I wish i could of made it back there for the wedding but the money just isn't there.I rode with a group of people on Friday at Dale Ball trails for the begining of Gaspin' in the Aspens. It was a real good time. finally got to ride with some fellow mountain bikers and quite a few singlespeeders to boot.So this picture that i am posting i found i hadn't seen in for ever.It is The Outlaw and Jay.This was the first time i had been to Gambril.Which is a great place to ride in MD.It was also the first time i met Jay.The picture just made me think of the Greenery of the East Coast.Peace to all my brothers and sisters on the east coast .We are off to a Pot Luck picnic for Ellas school today up at Hyde Memorial State Park . Hoping to ride on sunday with the Gaspin group they are doing the rancho Viejo loop up at the top of Borrego trail .Pretty tuff ride i think .K Give Thanks today .Peace

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