Monday, October 17, 2005

Fall is Nice!

Went for a ride with the Family on the neighborhood paved trail Sunday. We rode about 5 miles. The picture above is from the ride and so are the 2 below.It is great being able to get out from the house on a ride with no cars involved.After the family ride i met up with Robert at The Cristo Rey Church(largest adobe structure in the united states)on Canyon and we pedeled up upper canyon to the Dale Ball south trails, then on to the central and north sections as well.I had not ridden on the Dale Ball south trails yet. They where a blast! I took the camera but the batteries where dead.So no pics. Next time i will. This section of trails is without a doubt the tuffest stuff in the whole Dale Ball trail network.With some great views to boot.K see ya!


riderx said...

Awesome to see Team Wise turning the cranks in NM.m

gwadzilla said...

mom and da without helmets?

maybe if I had hair
if I were more handsome
I would ride without a helmet
as I am a cross between Shaq and Shrek...
it just does not matter