Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dale Ball South

Finally took the camera to the Dale Ball South trail on Monday.Got some shots. Once again i was SSolo so they are action-less. This trail is realllllleeeeeyyyy fun. So close to town and really not that crowded on a weekday.
I am off work today and heading over to Los Alamos to ride some trails there with some locals.Anthony is giving me a ride since my car sucks.
this first picture is as soon as you get onto the trail head down Upper Canyon south of Cerro Gordo.The first part of this trail has a good bit of climbing.

This picture shows some of the climbing and the lovely waterbars you have to contend with on the way up.

on this picture i am looking back at a nice switchback climb.Dale Ball trails have lots of switchbacks

This one is showing the nice payback you get after the climbing.Nice flowing ridge stuff

Have to get a dead tree shot

Some more ridge goodness

and still some more ridge stuff

What makes the Dale Ball South trails more fun is it is steeper and has more tech stuff.

After hitting the south side it dumps you out on Upper Canyon above Cerro Gordo.Then you go and enjoy the other parts of the Dale Ball trails.

K everyone, have a Kind day.Don't let the Man get you down.


riderx said...

Man, looks like you got lots of sweet trail in your new 'hood!

bkoppbikes said...

Those are great pics, Tim. Though we miss riding with you here back east, it's good to see you've got nice trails nearby to ride. Givin' the IF some love, huh?

Tubeular Visions said...

Toke Master....Killer Pics!!!

keep em comin