Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Are 29ers the way?

I bought a Gary Fisher RIG this past April.When the Outlaw called me and said a shop around his hood(Satansville,Hellthorpe)had a RIG on sale I had to go for it.I went and bought it and the rest is history.My Indy Fab has sat more and more.The RIG gets the nod more often then not.I guess I am digging 29 inch in the woods.I do still love the IF for all its rigid lightness.In general though I would say if I could choose I would go with a 29 inch Independent Fabrications with a EBB.Did our forefathers make a mistake when they made the first real mountain bikes with 26 inch wheels?
I had my first day working at Whole Foods here in Santa Fe.I guess it was all right.Good to get back to work sort of.....Here is a shot of the RIG the day I brought her home.

These 2 shots are from the schhweet ride on day 3 of GITA first one is of a guy named Craig from Socorro riding a RIG as well and the 2nd one is of Scott from Los Alamos. I cant remember what he was riding,It was a double boinger though.

K good night. I have to go down to Albuquerque for a fucking root canal tomorrow.Isn't that great?


chris/Laurian said...

How do you like Santa Fe, NM? I ride a Kelly, currently living in NYC with my wife, attending dental school, possibility of doing a residency in Santa Fe NM. You would think the most important criteria would have to do with the program, rather I need to live somewhere the trails are good. Can you tell me if you like living in NM? and what the bike culture is like, if there is any?

NYC is squeezing me, luckily I have my Surly Steamroller to ease the pain. Chris

gwadzilla said...

just as there are advantages to the 29er there are a list of disadvantages

I have been wanting to test myself on my old 26 inch Rocky Mountain Blizzard against my 29 inch wheel Surly Karate Monkey

guess this is a test for a later day
a recent injury has taken me off the bike

that test will come