Sunday, October 29, 2006

Taos,New Mexico

   Rode the final day of GITA a couple weeks ago. I couldn't pull off either one of the other rides in Los Alamos which looked to be good fun. The 3rd day was one I didn't want to miss because it was a ride on the South Boundary trail. There are some good pictures that SSportsman took as well as some others that had better cameras then my hunk of junk. My batteries died before I even got to the fun stuff. Ohh well Shit happens. There was 20 some people there with every type of mountain biker represented. It was a GREAT day. Quite a few folks came down from Colorado. Here are the couple pictures I managed to take before the batteries died.
   We started the ride by loading the bikes in some trucks and driving up towards AngelFire where we would start our actual RIDE.

The very start of the ride was on this nice fire road climb which was a perfect warm up.

Actual mud was on the trail here

What is that? I think I see a sign for South Boundary

We did a regroup here. This is Ed's nice Kent Erickson 29er

Joes Retrotec

Bruce told me to never take his picture again

I think that is Tom climbing

Regroup mentally for the fun ahead this is around where my camera died and the trail became really FUN

Paul from up round the front range had a really nice Coconino frame.

Hey where are they going?

The Host enjoying the ride with his SLR on his back.

Of course I took this one too late

Melanie riding along. I didn't really get to meet Melanie but someone was saying that this was her first big ride.

Nice break spot

After my camera went dead the trail becomes a endless ribbon of love. Then you get some tech thrown in for good measure at the end. Back to Taos for Beers, of course.
Then I drove back to Santa Fe and popped open a .....

    What is in your audio player? I have the new Beck in mine. I don't think I have disliked a single Beck album.
    I better get to bed I have to read Ella a story. Be safe going home.


ÜberDaddy said...

You need more batterites for the cam! Great pictures again.

JMH said...

Looks like an epic ride and a great group of people. How many miles?

hamad said...

great pics...just wondering how that erkisen rides?

Tim Wise said...

jmh: Yeaa that trail is tops. I think we did around 20 miles that day.
hamad: Ed was speaking highly of the bikes feel. He was also raving about the White Brothers carbon fork.

StageWest said...

I love riding the high country around Taos. Thanks for pictures!

Ed said...

Hey Tim -

Just cruising around the web and came across your GITA post.

Ironically, I just bought Beck's new album today. Beck is one of my favorite artists and I have all his albums, like you say they are all good.

For hamad - the Eriksen is incredible and Kent is a great guy to work with on a build. The fork is actually a Pace carbon and I love it. FYI, I also love my Waltworks, steel 29'er.

Hope to ride with you again sometime Tim....later!!