Saturday, October 21, 2006

Los Nativos un largo trayecto

A Lovely Left

    I thought I would put a picture of a good break in Maryland(Indian River) that was much fun to surf. The picture was taken by a friend named Kenny who is living in HI now. This is a good time for waves on the east coast. I miss the ocean.
   Lately I have been joining up with some guys and gals who ride the Dale Ball trails every Tuesday and Thursday. They are the Los Nativos. A fun group of people. I like the way they are always mixing up the way they ride the trails. Makes it new. I took a couple pics from a ride a couple weeks ago I had with them.
    I really like riding here in the late afternoon/evening time the light is killer.

Bob emerging among the clouds

Lee, Jaime, Tim, and Bob contemplate there next move

Anthony starting to get back in the saddle decides to lower his

JRA Cerro Gordo

I will try to get to the point

I had a nice little IPA the other day. From Speak Easy Brewery. I enjoyed it very much.

While I was working in AZ the last couple weekends I noticed many pretty Saguaro Cactus.

   What is in your audio player? I have Built to Spill- Perfect from Now On in mine.
    Gonna be a nice weekend here in the Southwest. Let's all get out and put foot
to pedal.


ÜberDaddy said...

Great pictures Tim. Fall is in full show back here in the East. The trees are in vivid colors. Just as vivid is that evening sky on your ride pics! Beautiful.

Yuri said...

no chance to turn a crank while you were out here?

Tim Wise said...

Yuri: No I was trying to meet up with a friend for a tour of South Mountain but it didn't happen. Only had time to go to Papago Brewing. Can't wait to get back there and get a ride in.