Monday, October 02, 2006

Riding up the Rio en Medio

   Howdy. I went for a ride up the Rio en Medio the other day with Toddy. It was quite a nice day for a ride and we had a growler of 2nd Street IPA afterwards as the sun set on the hill. Santa Fe has some great trails.
This is the pretty hill before our ride.

Todd tells me that Smokey was born in New Mexico.

Todd climbing with his Klein

Riding along Rio en Medio is Lovely

the climbing gets a little steeper

Looking back

This is where I turned around.... Todd kept going a ways to get a extra little climb in there. He is hardcore. I just stopped and smelled the flowers.

Todd's right ass cheek seemed to be sweating a lot.

Mountain Biking is a "Good Thing"

Here is the same hill after the ride with the setting sun.

Todd reflects on the days events and enjoys some 2nd Street IPA

   The other night when I stopped in to 2nd street to fill me growler I saw this nice bus with PA plates. Many good rides i had in PA.

   I got home and Ella had gotten a nice butterfly painted on her face.

    Soo another great ride in the books. Fall is blowing up here right now. GITA is about to happen in 2 weeks and I can't wait. Gonna go ride South Boundary trail again.
    What is in your audio player? I have Easy star All Stars- RadioDread in mine. If you don't know about Easy Star All Stars they are a reggae band that does albums from other bands in there own interpretation. The other one I have is Dub Side of the Moon. This one is the Radio Head album OK Computer. I am enjoying it.
    I will let Jay say good bye to everyone tonight from Holy Spirit Espresso.
Best latte in Santa Fe.



JMH said...

Hey SSweetleaf,

Looks like a great ride. I stumbled across your site looking for single speed info. and have enjoyed reading about all the great rides. Makes me me miss the west, I used to live in Oregon, great mountain biking (and beer). What gear ratio are you running? I recently built up an older Stumpjumper for commuting, 38/18. It is a good set-up for on the road, but I hope to build a SS cross bike in the future and was wondering what other people are using.

BTW- Your daughter looks about the same age as mine. Is she hooked on bikes yet? Mine loves to ride.


Matt said...

Heyya Tim....climbing up REM? Man that sounds painful. Although I've climbed (hiked?) the upper 2 miles a couple of times.

Wet Mountain IPA.....yep, had my fill last night. I love it, but 2nd Street's is better. Bridgeport is my favorite.

g. said...

You are so mean! Nice pictures of riding, good beer. And we are getting set for winter here in New England. Can I come out and visit?

Tim Wise said...

jmh: I am riding a 34/18 on my 26 inch mountain bike. It seems to work well for me. For bigger rides i could see liking a 34/20 for the future. Also my daughter isn't into biking yet. Her bike sits in the garage tooo much.
g.: I ride with a guy out here who moved here from the Berkshires. He speaks fondly of it. You can visit anytime you like.