Friday, November 30, 2007

The Sun Sets on the South Boundary Trail (till next spring)

   Got one more ride in on the South Boundary trail before the snow flew. It was a really great ride. Great people and a great trail and everything came together. accept for the fact that I couldn't get my espresso on because The Bean was closed for remodeling or something whacky like that. So from there Mark Rob and I drove onto Gregs kids school right down the street where we were gonna meet Greg and his SSweet family. Of course we were all introduced but I can't seem to remember there names. Gregs girlfriend was Kind enuff to shuttle us. So we loaded up Brians(Brian and Rick had decided to ride without us and do a slightly different ride) truck With our gear and all of us and Greggs 2 kids. Off we went. On the way up to Angel Fire we decided to start the ride from Valle Escondido up to Elliot Barker then take that up to Osha Peak and the South Boundary. all the way back to Taos. Rob had just gotten to town from Cabin John Maryland. I met Rob last year when he and his wife Margaret visited for a week or so and Rob had posted up on MTBR looking for peeps to ride with while he was in town. So being he was coming from the Old Line state I had to oblige. It sucks that the only guy from MD that I have ridden with out here in New Mexico is someone I didn't even know. Nobody I know from MD wants to check out the Land Of Enchantment :(. I am glad to have met Rob though. He has proven to be good luck for great rides when he visits. Took a few shots with my camera

My view on the way to the drop off.

Rob coming up from Valle Escondido

Here is Mark. I better not say anything witty about him.

Greg and Mark coming to me

Robert coming across the line

Break Time for the Ol lady

Mark chillin

Robert and Rob enjoying the RIDE

into the Light

Mark contemplating his next comment on MTBR

Then we got to Osha Peak and had a snack before getting into the beauty that is the South Boundary trail and a section Robert called Heaven on Earth.


Meeting of the minds at Garcia Park

Greg is riding on thin ice

First snow of the year

   What a RIDE. This epitomizes Mountain Biking to me. It was a perfect day of riding with good peoples.After the ride We were all to meet at Eskes. Alas like the Bean, Eskes was just closed for no apparent reason. We can only hope they were cleaning there tap lines and brewing some better beer. ;). It turned out to be an omen because we went to the Guadalajara Grill southside for some eats and beers. That place ripped. I had fish tacos and they were quite nice. We met up with Brian and Rick too. It turns out they were chasing us when we thought that we were chasing them.

    Had a new holiday offering the other night. It is made by Odell's. It is there Isolation Ale. It is tasty. All though I would not put it in the realm of Celabration.

    What is in your audio player? I have M. Ward in mine from Duet for Guitars #2. GoodDan at work hooked me with it and a couple others. I think that one was his first album. I also saw that M. Ward and Bright Eyes are playing together. Here is a killer song they did at the Hollywood Bowl.



Matt said...

Greg left skid marks all over the bottom of SBT.

Where's the Rig?

Dominic C said...

Tim looks like you are living in paradise. I'd love to get out there and ride (dirt and snow). Coming back to mobtown anytime? Hey you still see Alex from Baltimore? Great blog, luv the pix.

StageWest said...

I like that route from Valle Esondido. Guess you decided to skip Jaracita?

Icon O. Classt said...

Nice post and pix, as usual.

Odell's makes some gooood stuff; love their IPA, but I could only get it when I was in CO! Still have 2 bottles stashed, but I'm getting ansy...

Just sampled some of Claypipe's Pursuit of Happiness winter ale the other day...quite hoppy and very drinkable.

Tim Wise said...

Matt: yeaa Greg was pretty much out of control. ;) The RIG is no longer. Waiting on an 08 RIG coming soon.Gettin the good deal
Dominic:Hey Dom. Paradise is an illusion. It is all in the head.hehe. Yeaa Alex is still at the Whole but I never see him. Come visit homey. Bring that offroad fixie.
Chris:Yeaa we decided to stay on south boundary. we did debate though.
Steve: I remember my favorite beer bar in Bmore used to get Clay pipe regularly. I always liked it.The Pursuit of Happiness sounds good.

Ed said...

I've only been on SBT once, last year at GITA, and our guides got us lost this year when we aimed for it, but I recognize some of those lovely trail sections.

Beautiful stuff as always Tim!


Jim Beam said...

That was a great ride, Tim!

And the best part was that we didn't have to ride it with MtnDorker123, aka Brian.

James Dominguez said...

Awesome that you got a SB ride in at the end of November. Sad that there wasn't any snow. Not anymore!