Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cochiti Ray

    Ol' Cochiti Ray is a man who likes to take long walks with his bike. With it usually comes some epic descents. So with that knowledge I decided to join Ray and his friends on a ride to find the plane crash of cochiti. He promised less hike-a-bike then last time as well. So off we went. We found the plane and ended up having a great ride. Cochiti is sooooo beautiful. It is a hidden gem of New Mexico and it is in my back yard. I must of done something right to deserve such incredible trails. As usual I lugged my archaic camera along and took some pictures.

I grabbed my water bottle and off i went

We got started up Bland canyon. Luckily Tony noticed my rear shock was REALLY low on air so we aired it up and it rode great the rest of the day.

Joe is fast

Joe coming up into the sunlight

Ray riding a Turner

This is how Maka climbs

Me trying to be a Tuff Guy

The ghost town of Bland is down there . YOu can see the old Bland Motel.

Then we rode along this fun ridge with some more climbing thrown in for good measure and we came to the plane wreck. The plane wrecked there in the 60's and the guy walked away from it. crazy

This is looking back form where the plane came in to crash. You can see the wing came right off. Amazing that he came through there and survived.

This old Shasta can was in the cockpit.

Anthony meditating on this FINE New Mexican day.

Ray is even happy when he breaks his chain

You can see Cochiti Lake in the distance

Anthony wanted a moment to himself

   What a sweet ride. Ray does tend to like to do rides that have more walking then riding though. The payoff is always sweet descents like the Over 40 trail that we took.
   Then I got home and popped this Stone 11th Anniversary offering. It was really good. Dark and hoppy.

The next day Autumn reserved us and her dad a tub at 10,000 waves for a soak. Twas nice.

    Read a cool short story that had appeared in Dirt Rag in 1995. Since I ride this trail regularly. I feel like I may have seen this witch before. It is called The Atalaya Witch.
    What is in your audio player? I am listening to the mix cd I made for SSportsmans CD Circle. It is a smattering of mostly east coast flavored musica.
    All right everyone Have a great Turkey day and don't forget to ride your bicycle.


ssportsman said...

very cool ride! Did you have flashbacks of A Simple Plan? Rifle the plane looking for goodies beyond orange soda?

btw, there's a section on my blog today, just for you!

Matt said...

Sweet adventure! I had some of that celebration ale last night myself.

brettok said...

Damn, I was gonna say that the plane looked like the one in A Simple Plan!

ÜberDaddy said...

Hey Tim, Happy Thanksgiving and all bud. Now what's this about pumping up your rear? shocking. I know you like 'em rigid man, but getting your buddy to pump up your rear? Something you wanna tell us boys back east? ;)
Peace, Bri K.

SSimple Rider said...

No kidding,with my gearing ,I was doomed to walk my bike up loose steep stuff. What was your excuse?
bombalai shiva,Mark

Jim Beam said...

Hey Tim!

that pic of Makapoopchute pushing his bike was priceless!

manida said...

just came across your blog. Ive just converted my 1994 Bridgestone MB1 into a SS----currently turning it into a grown up BMX bike!

Matt in Albuquerque