Saturday, November 03, 2007

Quaking Aspens v2.0

Got out for another lovely ride in the aspens with Todd and Jay. We met a Jays pad in Tesuque. From his house we pedaled up to 72a and rode up the Winsor to the nordic ski trail and then descended the Winsor back to Tesuque. We got to consume some suds on Jay's porch and gaze at his fruit trees and relive the ride. Todd brought his camera along and snapped some shots. lets all go down memory lane and enjoy some snapshots of the past. Here are the tracks from the ride

Nice spot where the Chameza meets the Winsor

Jay was the first guy I rode with when we moved here. I am glad to of met him. He is a great riding partner. Here he is going up da Winsor

Catching a drink

above big T juncture. Gotta love this section of the Winsor

Nordic ski trail

Aspens everywhere on nordic ski trail

then it was time to bomb back down the Winsor all the way back to tesuque

We saw this guys track right by Jays house

There ya have it. The aspens have dropped there leaves and fall is here.

Boulder Bill built up his new IF. What do you think?

I found a pleasant surprise at the beer store the other day. CELEBRATION 2007 is here.

What is in your audio player? Last night Autumn and I went to Old Crow Medicine Show at the Lensic. It was a GREAT show. I was a dancin fool. This was my first time at the Lensic. Hopefully they will have some more good music there because the sound was great there.


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Jay said...

Hey SSweetleaf, it was a good day when we linked up and rode the DB that first time...