Saturday, December 15, 2007


We get some sweet rainbows here in Santa Fe

   Cabin John Rob wanted to go to White Mesa while he was here so we aquiesed and went down there even though it had snow all around and it was mighty windy. Of course since Rob was there it turned out to be a really fun ride. Then after the ride we went down to Turtle Mountain Brewery. I would say it is one of my favorite brewery's I have been to here in New Mexico. We onlyt had time for a quick pint errr a 22 oz. I mean. I also snuck in a half pint of dbl IPA. Both were fantastic. It was fun riding in the snow there. One mile was very muddy past the sulpher spring. White Mesa is always a good time because it is so diferent from most of the riding here. Gonna have to start riding down that way more often now that everything is snowed in up here.
Was a little windy out there. but still much fun

Hi! My name is Chad

Chad was enjoying himself.

Getting up close and personal with Rob

getting my gear on

I love this picture of Mister Glatz

The Hole

    Well the ride was over and what else could we do to make it a perfect day? BEER! Well the holidays are upon us and limited time on the bicycle as well. I just bought a Dakine Heli pro 16l and I can't wait to use it. There is tons of snow on the mountain now. Ski Santa Fe is now open so let the snow sports begin. Ohh yeaa and as all of you prolly heard SkiTaos is gonna open its nice steeps to snowboarders. Not until March though. Gonna be nice, they have some nice looking stuff there.
Ella made a nice looking snowman he is Rasta

    What is in your audio player? I have Iron and Wine's new one The Sheperd's Dog. Sam Beam just seems to get better and better. Of course with the holidaze here We have been playing our favorite Christmas cd there is Charlie Brown Christmas. Take a listen. Alwyas liked Vince Guaraldi.

    Been wanting to bust out the skateboard lately. Nuttin like the feeling of a smith grind.Notice my Bad Brains t.
photo by Kenny Gibbs



mugwumpqueen said...

Damn,you look young in that photo,lay off the tv,it's putting age on your hairyass

Jim Beam said...
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cdaddy said...

"The Hole?!"

You best be talkin' about that thingy on the ground.


akaJamo said...

Look me up next time you want to head to White Mesa. I live about 20 minutes from there and about 5 from the Turtle Mtn.

ssportsman said...

Excellent grind picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

why do U look so gay when U sk8?

Anonymous said...

Give me a call if your interested in riding tomorrow. We need to start doing more rides together. I'm going to Nambe around 5:00 pm. Call me.
By the way, you should check out Dan's business - Bikeworks Albuquerque at