Monday, October 15, 2007

Quaking Aspens v1.0

   The Autumnal Equinox has happened and the Day of the Dead is almost here. Let's all go for a ride sometime from October 31st to November 2nd to honor and celebrate loved ones who have died.
    Went on a couple sweet aspen rides last week. Thursday I got an unexpected day off so I called up Maka and he was up for a ride. We decided to drive up to Borrego trailhead. We biked down to the Winsor and took that up to the nordic ski trail then did that loop then continued up the winsor to the Rio en Medio then we went down that to aspen ranch then went up to pacheco back up to the winsor then down to borrego to the car. It was a fine day.

Coming down Borrego

Maka showing fine posture

up da winsor

I really enjoy the nordic ski trail.

Then it was on to the Rio en Medio

Gotta LOVE the rocks on the Rio en Medio

This a sweet little section of trail with a Acequia running off of Rio en Medio.

Then up Pacheco to the Winsor

Coming back down towards Tesuque Creek

Maka coming up to the parking lot

    What a ride it was. It was not as good as a ride as Ella had the other day. She finally learned how to ride her 2 wheeled bike. It was an awesome sight.

    What is in your audio player? To slake my thirst for new music I have aquired the New Radiohead disc "In Rainbows" I would have to say it is my favorite Radiohead album yet. Pretty cool the way they are releasing it.
A Psalm Of Life
"In the world's broad field of battle,
    in the bivouac of life
Be not like dumb, driven cattle!
    Be a hero in the strife!"
Thom Hartman read that poem on the air the other day. Gotta love Longfellow.


Matt said...


You find all the good stuff! I always ride the nordic ski trail, and the Acequia is a must-do to avoid that nasty climb back up to it. I've been meaning to head up to Aspen Ranch and chainsaw out the deadfall for about 4 or 5 years now, but never get to it. Too much stuff, too little time.

What's up with the 26er of late?


iconoclaSSt said...

Nice pix, Tim. Aspens are cool. I like the overhead shot of the yellow bike with the Mary bars...very arteestic!

Congrats on your girl's newfound skills on the bike...nice!

On the Shuffle: Gang of Four's Entertainment!

YuriB said...

From the aspens to the new two-wheel skills, great post.

YuriB said...

Any tips on ditching the training wheels?

Ed said...

Tim - great post as always. Back in Sept. I had the pleasure of sampling some of the trails you highlight here. Jeny's friend Jen and her fiance Aaron live in SF ans we stayed at their house. Glen (glenzx) joined us for some riding.

The first day we rode we got lost in the Taos area.

My biggest regret is forgetting to contact you when we were down there. :-(

I hope to see you soon!


riderx said...

Way to go Ella! Very cool to see her on 2 wheels.

How are you digging the Mary bars?

ssportsman said...

awesome Tim

Beautiful pictures and such good trails.

You'll be amazed how soon it will seem like you're taking Ella out to enjoy some of your favorite trails, albeit at a slower pace..

devin said...

I am overflowing with jealousness.. Looks sweet.. Great job with the little single speeder.. Trick or treat

Tim Wise said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats on Ellas bike riding.
I was very proud. Yuri. Have you tried taking off the training wheels and taking the pedals off too so that he can use his feet and push and learn to balance by coasting? Hay Matt, The purple RIG is no mas :( . New RIG comes in middle of Nov.. Hey Ed sorry I missed ya. Next time lets ride. Yeaa Scott If Ella can ride half as good as Ariana I will be stoked.