Monday, May 15, 2006

Summer Time!

  While I guess Summer time begins around Memorial Day It has been feeling like Summer here. With Summer in Santa Fe comes the tourists. There are a LOT of them milling around town. I had a SSweet ride on the Winsor the other day with Jay and Todd Jay GPS'd it so here is the Stats.As I sit here and type and drink my Peets coffee the skies look as if it may rain today. Lets keep our fingers crossed. We got a good shower here yesterday too. Hopefully it will make the trail less LOOSE. Looks like New England is getting some big rain amounts. Autumn and Ella and I where going to eat at Del Charro I decided to stop into a shop by there called Mellow Velo they where really nice guys. They also had a few really nice Vicious bikes built up. One guy there is racing the La Tierra Torture on his vicious fixed. I am racing in this race as well so it will nice to see how he does all fixed up.
  All right, here are a few pics from our ride up on the Winsor trail.
Me getting all chatty on the saddle with some hikers


Taking the time to give thanks

Trail is Good

The Burn... find the biker

  What is in your audio player? I have been diggin in da crates, i have been listening to a nice bootleg of Sonic Youth at the Dusseldorf Easter Festival from 1996. It was broadcast on German tv. All righty i am out.

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